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Dialog: modal accessibility — at Initial Version

Reported by: ezufelt Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone: 1.10.0
Component: ui.dialog Version: 1.8.16
Keywords: a11y Cc:
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Firefox 8.0 JAWS 13 Dialog demos 1.9pre

Modal dialogs open with application mode on.

Basic Modal

  1. After tabbing once to close button I can use up / down arrows to access all other form controls in the DOM, cannot tab to other interactive controls.

This is different from animated dialog, and other modals, where DOM contents outside of dialog are not available.

Message, Confirmation, Form

  1. Can only access dialog contents that are interactive elements, cannot access message text as it is not focusable.

2.It is possible to get out of the modal 'sandbox'. Accessing address bar (alt + d), tabbing to page, then disabling and renabling Virtual PC cursor (JAWS key + z (twice)) and then a buffer refresh (JAWS key + Escape) allowed access to entire DOM contents. This appears true for all modals.

This also causes problems with other keyboard operations. When not in modal dialog segment of the DOM it is impossible to go back a page (alt+left arrow or backspace) or even to close the browser (alt+f4).

  1. (Related to 2) From outside of the dialog pressing tab does not return to first focusable element in dialog.

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