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draggable containment scrollbar — at Initial Version

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Priority: minor Milestone: 1.10.3
Component: ui.draggable Version: 1.8.16
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[22:53] <dogarrhea2> i just installed chrome 5 minutes ago [22:53] <dogarrhea2> change your browser size to something where a scrollbar on the right shows up. [22:53] <dogarrhea2> drag the element that is "contained in parent etc." towards the part of the screen which will cause a scroll. [22:55] <dogarrhea2> for those of you trying to follow along, it's at for the "contained in parent" draggable [22:55] <dogarrhea2> you can actually drag it outside if your window is resized. [22:55] <Eviltwin> Not sure anyone is trying to follow along :P [22:55] <dogarrhea2> were you able to replicate Eviltwin? [22:55] <Eviltwin> Yeah, I didn't realize you needed to make the window scroll [22:55] <Eviltwin> Missed that part [22:57] <Eviltwin> I'm guessing this is to account for a scrolling parent element [22:57] == mariuscc [~mariuscc@] has joined #jquery [22:58] == VeggieMeat [~veggiemea@] has joined #jquery [22:58] <Eviltwin> Well report it to jQuery UI devs

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