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    1919This is what I was doing when I found this IE issue that this topic is about (still in development)
     20 (the one with the IE Issue)
     22Click and drag the tab to the side makes the other tabs scroll so you can sort across all of the tabs works in firefox chrome and safari but not IE. Also if I didn't extend the the scroll parent to use hidden the it would only work if it had a scroll bar, and in everything but IE. Removing the if statement in the scroll parent function where it test for IE and just used the part in the else fixed it in IE 9. Now I'm not sure it the IE test was there for an older version of IE or not I don't have an older version of IE to test with.
     24With the dragging I couldn't see a way the default scroll in the draggable widget would work when you have a case when you do not want a scroll bar (overflow:hidden).
     26Doing what you suggested would seem like your suggesting to extend another widget to do a functional aspect that I can see being useful in many ways that basically already exists in another form but not supported. I don't see how an overflow of hidden would not be considered a scrollParent just because i dose not use a scrollbar even though it dose have the capabilities of scrolling.
     28I could extend the draggable widget to do what i need it to do but extending the scrollParent function was the fastest least hacky was to do it