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overlay plugin stopped wiorking

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Component: ui.core Version: 1.8.4
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MY code uses Jquery overlay plugin. It was working correctly till jquery v1.4.4. When we upgrade to 1.5.x, the overlay still appears but does not display images or any other control on it.

<div class="ehGallery" id="gallerySection">

<h2 id="galleryHeader" class="active" style="cursor: pointer;">Gallery</h2> <span></span> <!-- IE7 Fix, this empty element stops the element collapsing when the accordian is changing --> <div class="galleryScroller" id="galleryScroller" style="margin-top:15px;">

<div class="scrollLeft bgMidOlive" style="width:18px;">

<a href="#" class="galleryScrollerA"><img id="galleryScrollLeft" class="displayNone" src="/static/images/scrollerLeft.gif" alt="left"/></a>


<!-- overflow:hidden on this element is an IE7 fix, this prevents a problem when the accordian is changing --> <div class="scrollImages" style="overflow : hidden; position:relative; width : 400px">

<ul id="scrollerBox" style="position: absolute; left : 0px; padding-left : 3px;">

<asp:Repeater ID="repImages" runat="server">


<li style="display:inline;">

<a class="liteboxa" href="<%# Eval("MainImagePath") %>" title="<%# Eval("ImageDescription") %> <%# Eval("Copyright") %>" rel="<%# Eval("ImageCredit") %>" target="_blank" >

<img style="margin-bottom:2px;" src="<%# Eval("ThumbImagePath") %>" alt="<%# Eval("ImageDescription") %>" />


<asp:Repeater runat="server" ID="repImageAdditionalLinks" DataSource='<%#((GalleryImage)Container.DataItem).AdditionalLinks %>'>


<a class="hide" href="<%# Eval("Href") %>" title="<%# Eval("Text") %>"><%# Eval("Text") %></a>








<div class="scrollRight bgMidOlive">

<a href="#" class="galleryScrollerA"><img id="galleryScrollRight" class="displayNone" src="/static/images/scrollerRight.gif" alt="right"/></a>

</div> <div class="clear"></div>

</div> <div class="clear"></div>


<!-- overlay element --> <div class="simple_overlay" id="gallery"> <asp:TextBox ID="txtBox1" runat="server">Hello</asp:TextBox> <div class="closebtn" id="closebtn"></div>

<!-- image information --> <div class="liteInfoWrap" id="liteInfoWrap">

<div class="info" id="info"></div>

</div> <div class="bottomWrap" id="bottomWrap">

<div class="infoLinks" id="infoLinks"></div> <div class="popnav">

<a class="prev" onmousedown="gallNav(0)"></a>

<a class="next" onmousedown="gallNav(1)"></a>


</div> <!-- load indicator (animated gif) --> <img class="progress" src="/static/images/popups/loading.gif" alt="loading, please wait"/>


<script type="text/javascript">

$("#gallerySection a.liteboxa").overlay({

each trigger uses the same overlay with the id "gallery"

target: '#gallery', expose: '#7f7f7f',

onLoad: function () { grab wrapper element inside content var wrap = this.getOverlay().find("img");

load the page specified in the trigger wrap.load(this.getTrigger().attr("href"));

this.getOverlay().find("img").css({visibility: "visible"}); this.getOverlay().find(".close").css({ visibility: "visible", display: "block" }); this.getOverlay().find(".info").css({ visibility: "visible", display: "block" }); this.getOverlay().find(".prev").css({ visibility: "visible", display: "block" }); this.getOverlay().find(".next").css({ visibility: "visible", display: "block" });



the plugin accepts its own set of configuration options speed: 200, autohide: false, preload: true, template: '<div class="infoInner" style="min-height:50px;"><strong>${title}</strong></div>'


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Hi dollymishra55,

This is the bug tracker for jQuery UI, for bugs with the overlay plugin you'll have to contact its maintainers. For support you can try the forums or Stack Overflow.

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