id,summary,reporter,owner,description,type,status,priority,milestone,component,version,resolution,keywords,cc,blockedby,blocking 9816,[IE9] IE9 crash with dialog and hide(),xlefebvre,,"Hi, I've found a bug that makes IE9 crash. It happens when you create a dialog with a span (with a style=""float:left""), and an input next to him, then you use attr('something','').hide(), IE9 crashes. I know that there is a lot of conditions, but I tried to remove some of those conditions one by one and each time,it makes the code work again. IE9 information: Version9.0.8112.16421 Update Versions: 9.0.22 Windows 2008 R2 Here is the code on jsFiddle: Here is the full code to put in html file: {{{ Test crash IE9
}}} Another input: - IE10 and IE11 seems to work fine with this code.",bug,closed,minor,none,ui.dialog,1.10.4,wontfix,,,,