Oct 1, 2007:

11:04 AM Ticket #1762 (syntax error for IE6 in ui.slider.js) created by Matt
A veru blocking problem in ui.slider.js On line 31 ... […] ... …
5:47 AM Ticket #1759 (tabsClick method fails with event option set to mouseover) created by klaus
tabsClick method fails silently when onmouse over tabs (setting …

Sep 30, 2007:

11:22 PM Ticket #1758 (Wehn using draggable inside of draggable, inner draggable breaks.) created by miksago
Basically it appears that the positioning gets shot, and doesn't …
11:34 AM Ticket #1757 (Slider - click should raise stop event) created by pfm102
If the user clicks in the slider (as opposed to dragging the handle), …
7:52 AM Ticket #1756 (Problems with Firefox 2.0 on Mac) created by myselft
I tested your demos with Firefox 2.0 running on Mac OSX 10.4, and I …

Sep 28, 2007:

8:45 AM Ticket #1749 (resizable grows too tall in IE when scrolled) created by rworth
Steps to reproduce In Internet Explorer 1. Open …
8:29 AM Ticket #1713 (ui.tabs.js is insert class "ui-tabs-nav" automatic) closed by paul
invalid: This is a design decision all over jQuery UI. If you want to customize …
8:25 AM Ticket #1712 (aspectRatio option for resizables) closed by paul
fixed: It's strange...somehow I was able to remove all checks in the switch …
8:24 AM Ticket #1672 (Bad selectors on site) closed by rdworth
worksforme: I see two selectors in ui-lite.css: .ui-dialog-content …
7:48 AM Ticket #1682 (Resizable containment option) closed by paul
fixed: okay, added.
7:15 AM Ticket #1739 (ui slider - moveTo - parameter value is discarded) closed by paul
fixed: thanks, fixed!
7:08 AM Ticket #1720 (Draggable Destory fails if element is set as draggable more than once) closed by paul
fixed: fixed!

Sep 27, 2007:

11:03 AM Ticket #1743 (Paginator Module) created by RyanZec
One area i think jQuery is lacking is in the pagination area. I have …

Sep 26, 2007:

5:10 PM Ticket #1739 (ui slider - moveTo - parameter value is discarded) created by pfm102
The p parameter to the function is discarded, because the identifier p …
5:06 PM Ticket #1738 (Documentation for UI) created by pfm102
It would be fantastically useful if there were more, and better, …
5:03 PM Ticket #1737 ($(foo).sliderMoveTo(dest, scale, changeslide, p) does not eval correctly) created by pfm102
If I call sliderMoveTo(30, null, true) on a jQuery UI slider, the …
10:36 AM Ticket #1735 (Addition of stop and start options to UI Selectable.) created by codesquare
The new approach of firing events as-you-go are great, but there are …

Sep 24, 2007:

12:25 PM Ticket #1666 (Explicit position refresh for droppable objects) closed by paul
12:19 PM Ticket #1708 (ratio-option for resizables) closed by paul
2:58 AM Ticket #1668 (Dialog Options - minHeight, minWidth, maxHeight, maxWidth) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in rev3468
2:57 AM Ticket #1717 (Dialog) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in rev3468
2:57 AM Ticket #1703 (Dialog - not centered when scrolled) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in rev3468
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