Oct 6, 2007:

3:27 AM Ticket #1778 (Error on Sortables in jQuery UI 1.0) created by matheus
The plug-in "Sortables" not working in the FireFox 2.0.7
2:34 AM Ticket #1777 (jQuery UI Tabs not working in Safari 2.0.4) created by jolle
The new Tabs plugin have shaky support in Safari. Some of the demos on …

Oct 5, 2007:

10:44 AM Ticket #1776 (Error: oDrag.helperSize has no properties about ticket#1699) created by shiplu
There is a same ticket about this. detials …
6:13 AM Ticket #1775 (UI Tabs: ids with chinese etc. characters) created by klaus
The tabs fail if id are used that contain for example chinese characters.

Oct 4, 2007:

7:27 AM Ticket #1772 (accordion/dimensions - Object doesn't support this property or method ...) created by catch
I've been using jquery 2.1, ui.accordion.js and jquery.dimensions.js - …

Oct 3, 2007:

6:57 PM Ticket #1759 (tabsClick method fails with event option set to mouseover) closed by klaus
10:45 AM Ticket #1770 (sortable incorrectly reorders ordered list) created by thasmin
When using a sortable where the container is an ordered list, the …

Oct 2, 2007:

6:18 AM Ticket #1702 (Dialog - theme images) closed by rdworth
fixed: Made image 2000px wide.

Oct 1, 2007:

11:04 AM Ticket #1762 (syntax error for IE6 in ui.slider.js) created by Matt
A veru blocking problem in ui.slider.js On line 31 ... […] ... …
5:47 AM Ticket #1759 (tabsClick method fails with event option set to mouseover) created by klaus
tabsClick method fails silently when onmouse over tabs (setting …

Sep 30, 2007:

11:22 PM Ticket #1758 (Wehn using draggable inside of draggable, inner draggable breaks.) created by miksago
Basically it appears that the positioning gets shot, and doesn't …
11:34 AM Ticket #1757 (Slider - click should raise stop event) created by pfm102
If the user clicks in the slider (as opposed to dragging the handle), …
7:52 AM Ticket #1756 (Problems with Firefox 2.0 on Mac) created by myselft
I tested your demos with Firefox 2.0 running on Mac OSX 10.4, and I …
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