Oct 18, 2007:

10:05 PM Ticket #1825 (dialog - draggable title bar appears outside of clicable window) created by ThrushAAX
problem: If the height of a dialog box is larger than the height …
9:48 PM Ticket #1824 (dialog - select dropdown box unclickable in IE7 and Opera 2.23) created by ThrushAAX
If a <select> dropdown box is in a dialog popup it can not be left …
3:16 PM Ticket #1821 (slider() method not available in IE6) created by jazzslider
IE 6 claims that the slider() method is not supported by object …
11:35 AM Ticket #1820 (patch: do not use the $ function in ui.calendar.js) created by csi
That would be great if official plugins showed the good example and do …

Oct 17, 2007:

1:00 PM Ticket #1679 (Sortable - this.parentNode has no properties on core.js) closed by paul
fixed: Thanks, fixed!
12:57 PM Ticket #1667 (sortable callbacks not working) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1679.
12:57 PM Ticket #1644 (sortable demo - js error) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1679.
12:51 PM Ticket #1674 (Theme is required for .shadow() to work) closed by paul
fixed: Solved, no themes required anymore.
7:29 AM Ticket #1812 (Draggable error in function revert with helper defined as function) created by trta
If I define helper option like this: […] I get error (when …
4:39 AM Ticket #1811 (accordion animation prevents dynamic content) created by crenix
The accordion changes the style of the div that contains it. So at the …

Oct 16, 2007:

1:39 PM Ticket #1809 (Calendar: October problem solved - all days are displayed) created by gohu
Hi there, my friend Will found a way to solve the problem in years …

Oct 15, 2007:

2:40 PM Ticket #1808 (UI Shadow doesn't work on Safari 2 without explicit z-index) created by gconaty
The default value of a z-index on Safari 2 seems to be 'normal' rather …
6:44 AM Ticket #1803 (Accordion Bug) created by jelnet
Please see the accordion demo I have created on this page: …

Oct 14, 2007:

8:28 PM Ticket #1801 (Use bgiframe for dialogs when available) created by dmitrig01
We have reports in email that select boxes show through... should be …

Oct 13, 2007:

8:42 AM Ticket #1799 (Accordion Demo seems broken) created by jelnet
http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Accordion In the first accordion demo, …
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