Nov 5, 2007:

10:34 AM Ticket #1671 (Calendar - follow naming conventions) closed by paul
10:27 AM Ticket #1821 (slider() method not available in IE6) closed by paul
fixed: This one is fixed in the next version. Grab the SVN if you need it now.
10:26 AM Ticket #1852 (sortable dragged element not displayed on IE) closed by paul
duplicate: This is related to a clone bug, not to sortables. Thanks anyway!
10:24 AM Ticket #1860 (ui.jquery.com - more bugs in demo) closed by paul
10:22 AM Ticket #1875 (UI_Sortable - update callback is not called) closed by paul
fixed: Hi, this is already fixed in the current SVN (next release), thanks anyway!
10:20 AM Ticket #1883 (slider() cannot be applied to JQuery objects that are not yet in DOM) closed by paul
wontfix: Hi, I don't think there is a good way of solving this issue, and I …

Nov 2, 2007:

2:54 PM Ticket #1887 (Sortables -- bad options do not fail gracefully, explode) created by Bradley
Some sortable options do not fail gracefully/silently if passed an …
2:04 PM Ticket #1885 (datepicker: date range bug) created by zelph
Here is a video of the bug http://screencast.com/t/zrdTeJ0i This is a …
1:18 AM Ticket #1883 (slider() cannot be applied to JQuery objects that are not yet in DOM) created by nostrademons
The following test case fails with an obscure JQuery error message …

Nov 1, 2007:

1:53 PM Ticket #1881 (UI Datepicker v3.0 with other libraries) created by pricea1
UI Datepicker v3.0 fires js error when jQuery.noConflict() is used to …
12:36 PM Ticket #1880 (Datepicker: should position itself so it is always visible) created by jspath
The datepicker (v3.0) does not position itself so it is always visible …

Oct 31, 2007:

10:29 PM Ticket #1876 (ui.dialog.js - Dialog Positioning Improvement) created by ALLPRO
The current code for positioning a dialog window does not work if the …
10:05 PM Ticket #1875 (UI_Sortable - update callback is not called) created by dubhunter
I looked in the ui.sortable.js file and found that the call to it was …

Oct 30, 2007:

9:42 PM Ticket #1865 (slider curValue ignores minValue) created by nostrademons
With this test case: […] The values assigned to the text field …
4:45 AM Ticket #1860 (ui.jquery.com - more bugs in demo) created by shatrov
1)If I open demo effect "Shadow" and scroll down to "3. In …

Oct 29, 2007:

11:07 PM Ticket #1858 ($(".calendarRange").calendar({ dateFormat: 'YMD-' });) created by zcm8181
The code is like next, if there are to date blank(state date and end …
6:27 PM Ticket #1857 (jQuery UI - Dragables - <select> menu cannot be scrolled.) created by ajtrichards
I have been using a DIV with the dragable plugin. The div will move …
4:17 PM Ticket #1856 (dialog - can not create multiple dialogs) created by ThrushAAX
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