Nov 29, 2007:

10:01 AM Ticket #1982 (Adding and removing tabs repeatedly results in inoperable tabs) closed by klaus
fixed: r3976

Nov 28, 2007:

6:52 PM Ticket #1990 (Can not have multiple dialogs in latest version of UI) created by rbrackett
In fixing Ticket #1684, the ability to have multiple dialogs was …
8:17 AM Ticket #1984 (UI/Selectables almost unusable) created by DeSchleib
Tried to use UI/Selectables for my project and identified some mjaor …
6:30 AM Ticket #1982 (Adding and removing tabs repeatedly results in inoperable tabs) created by klaus
Test: […]

Nov 26, 2007:

2:51 PM Ticket #1973 (JQuery UI drag and drop issue in IE6.) created by ewkoob
Created two droppable divs, absolute positioned (one on left and on on …
5:26 AM Ticket #1969 (UI.draggable - limits/boundaries) created by pwoldberg
Would be nice to have limits/boundaries for draggable elements. …

Nov 25, 2007:

9:15 AM Ticket #1710 (Tabs plugin for jquery ui does not display correctly in IE7) closed by klaus
worksforme: could not reproduce that issue, although other quirks in r3924

Nov 24, 2007:

9:00 PM Ticket #1922 (Option "unselected: true" in conjunction with Ajax tabs behaves incorrectly) closed by klaus
fixed: r3923
8:40 PM Ticket #1846 (Tabs - Clicking 3 AJAX tabs causes 2 to remain visible) closed by klaus
fixed: r3922
8:39 PM Ticket #1845 (Tabs - Openning multiple AJAX tabs causes spinner to not be removed) closed by klaus
fixed: r3922
5:42 PM Ticket #1929 (An href with just the value of "#" incorrectly results in a remote tab) closed by klaus
fixed: r3919
3:18 PM Ticket #1946 (uiDialog.open always opens most recent dialog) closed by paul
3:17 PM Ticket #1949 (UI's popup calendar contains HTML entities) closed by paul
3:16 PM Ticket #1951 (datepicker: missing a few semi-colons so packing causes errors) closed by paul

Nov 23, 2007:

2:23 PM Ticket #1965 (Error with Datepicker and text field clones on Firefox) created by ultimas
When I clone a datepicker text field , I get the following error when …
12:20 PM Ticket #1963 (jQuery UI > Dialog > IE6) created by fusionfox
The height parameter doesn't appear to work in IE6 on the jQuery …
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