Jan 6, 2008:

11:37 PM Ticket #1809 (Calendar: October problem solved - all days are displayed) closed by kbwood
11:36 PM Ticket #1858 ($(".calendarRange").calendar({ dateFormat: 'YMD-' });) closed by kbwood
11:35 PM Ticket #1881 (UI Datepicker v3.0 with other libraries) closed by kbwood
11:34 PM Ticket #1885 (datepicker: date range bug) closed by kbwood
11:31 PM Ticket #1910 (Datepicker -> Input field locked from editing) closed by kbwood
worksforme: Replying to rudasn: The datepicker doesn't prevent manual …
11:26 PM Ticket #1899 (datepicker - bug in november) closed by kbwood
11:25 PM Ticket #1945 (UI Datepicker) closed by kbwood
11:24 PM Ticket #1965 (Error with Datepicker and text field clones on Firefox) closed by kbwood
1:00 AM Ticket #2118 (droppableDestroy API not accesible) created by Eran Galperin
Trying to remove droppable status from an element using …

Jan 4, 2008:

11:01 AM Ticket #2117 (Dialog + html select boxes in IE6) created by ferric84
HTML select boxes overlap a dialog opened on top of one in IE6. Maybe …
7:04 AM Ticket #2116 (jquery-ui draggable depends on dimensions) created by peterbe
(Note: I also filed Ticket #2115 about jquery-ui with only Draggable …
6:59 AM Ticket #2115 (draggable error "$.ui[module] has no properties") created by peterbe
I used the widget on ui.jquery.com to download a jquery-ui.min.js that …

Jan 3, 2008:

9:17 PM Ticket #2001 (syntax error) closed by kbwood
9:14 PM Ticket #2048 (DATEPICKER 3.2 (trunk) event string concat bug for cells onmouseover/out) closed by kbwood
9:11 PM Ticket #2061 (if minDate is set to new Date, today is not selectable) closed by kbwood
fixed: Update code to remove time components of min/max dates before use.
2:13 AM Ticket #2108 (Problem in Ui/Datepicker) created by manjula
Hi, I'm using rails 2.0.1 with jrails and jquery. I'm trying to use …
12:37 AM Ticket #2107 (issue in ui.mouse.js when using slider (ie6)) created by jasonaward
There seems to be a problem with ui.mouse.js in recent SVN versions …

Jan 2, 2008:

6:04 PM Ticket #1998 (UI.DatePicker is positioned incorrectly in a scrolling div) closed by kbwood
fixed: The datepicker has been patched to correct this problem.
7:41 AM Ticket #2103 (I have a problem in date picker) created by manjula
Hi I'm doing the same code as it is given. But I'm not getting the …

Jan 1, 2008:

5:33 PM Ticket #2102 (UI/Draggables Examples doesn't work) created by adnan
I'm getting the error: this.helper.outerWidth is not a function URL: …

Dec 30, 2007:

8:51 AM Ticket #2100 (Resizables broken?) created by mnbeer
The resizables examples on your web site don't work. Perhaps a recent …
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