Jan 24, 2008:

5:20 PM Ticket #2220 (UI Tabs: IE6 memory leaks) closed by klaus
4:15 PM Ticket #2234 (Tabs plugin with cookie refering an unavailable tab throws error) closed by klaus
fixed: r4531
3:44 PM Ticket #2234 (Tabs plugin with cookie refering an unavailable tab throws error) created by klaus
If a cookie exists for a certain tab (e.g. #fragment-15) and there's …
3:41 PM Ticket #2135 (Initializing with a bookmarked tab fails in IE 6) closed by klaus
worksforme: Works for me. Please note that it does not work, if the fragment …
2:26 PM Ticket #2040 (jQuery UI incompatible with v1.3 of jQuery Easing) closed by joern
fixed: There is an compability plugin available that provides mappings to the …
2:03 PM Ticket #1772 (accordion/dimensions - Object doesn't support this property or method ...) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in latest revision, soon to be released as jQuery UI 1.1 beta.
12:10 AM Ticket #2229 (confusion between datepicker_currentDay class and datepicker_today class) created by Zola
minor-but-annoying. in the ui.css file, there seems to be a class …

Jan 23, 2008:

4:46 AM Ticket #2220 (UI Tabs: IE6 memory leaks) created by klaus
For UI Tabs memory leaks need to be fixed in IE 6: …

Jan 22, 2008:

10:35 AM Ticket #2213 (Latest Sortable Demo - Inline child respects phantom parent boundary FF) created by Pete Michaud
In Firefox 2, the sortable demo behaves a little oddly with inline …
10:30 AM Ticket #2212 (Latest Sortable Demo -- Element losing place in IE7) created by Pete Michaud
This one is a little difficult to describe, and I haven't had a whole …
10:16 AM Ticket #2211 (Latest Sortable Demo - Disable Button Not working) created by Pete Michaud
In the sortable demo, the disable button in the first example isn't …

Jan 21, 2008:

7:43 PM Ticket #2208 (Accordion: Ability to disable individual panes) created by namesbc
It would be helpful to have the ability to enable/disable certain …
4:23 AM Ticket #2200 (tabs without background images) created by faisalchohan
tabs should be implemented without background images. This will make …

Jan 20, 2008:

6:30 AM Ticket #2197 (jqueryUI Slider plugin - Multiple handle BUG) created by alexo
I'm using the demo code of the slider jquery-UI plugin to reproduce …
5:43 AM Ticket #2102 (UI/Draggables Examples doesn't work) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed. Thanks!
5:42 AM Ticket #2133 (misspelling in jQuery.fn.offset) closed by paul
duplicate: This bu is already fixed in the newest trunk version. Thanks!

Jan 19, 2008:

9:19 PM Ticket #2195 (i can not find <shadow.css>) created by hgbian
when i view UI effects-shadow i cannot find the shadow.css which is …
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