Feb 7, 2008:

1:25 PM Ticket #2294 (sortable is missing args declaration) closed by paul
1:22 PM Ticket #2301 (calling dialog('close') on an element that's not a dialog throws error) created by rworth
On http://ui.jquery.com/1.5a/demos/dialog.html click the close button, …
1:21 PM Ticket #2265 (Sortables disappear in IE6 when dragged) closed by paul
fixed: This was a clone() bug. It's fixed with the new version 1.5a.
1:20 PM Ticket #2256 (Sortable options 'update' and 'stop' do not fire) closed by paul
fixed: This is fixed in version 1.5a. Thanks.
1:14 PM Ticket #2157 (Sortable update callback called before extra DOM element is removed) closed by paul
wontfix: This is on purpose: The helper is needed for many callback uses to …
1:11 PM Ticket #2300 (UI selectors broken) created by Scott González
The :draggable selector currently selects all elements, not just …
1:00 PM Ticket #2137 (Draggables position:fixed;) closed by paul
wontfix: IE6 doesn't feature position: fixed.
12:30 PM Ticket #2299 (Dialog alert, confirm, and prompt options) created by rworth
It would be nice to call something like $.ui.alert('Hello, World!'); …
12:22 PM Ticket #2131 (strange behavior for draggable inside fixed position parent) closed by paul
invalid: Cannot reproduce it on FF Mac, but I can reproduce it with FF Win. …
12:17 PM Ticket #2122 (Droppable/Draggable element comparison needs to be changed on trunk.) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed ('this' now links to the current droppable, first argument is …
12:01 PM Ticket #2118 (droppableDestroy API not accesible) closed by paul
fixed: The API has changed for 1.5: It's now $(..).draggable('destroy').
12:00 PM Ticket #2116 (jquery-ui draggable depends on dimensions) closed by paul
fixed: This should be fixed.
11:57 AM Ticket #1958 (UI.sortables does not call the callback update) closed by paul
fixed: works in 1.5a (or current SVN).
11:56 AM Ticket #1770 (sortable incorrectly reorders ordered list) closed by paul
wontfix: Hi, that's not fixable. The only thing you can do about it is using …
11:53 AM Ticket #1657 (Draggable options implemented into Sortable) closed by paul
fixed: axis is available in 1.5.
11:30 AM Ticket #2297 ([dialog] split out modal options) created by Scott González
The modal option for dialogs should only be a boolean. Setting the …
11:26 AM Ticket #2296 ([dialog] add zIndex option) created by Scott González
Add an option for zIndex in the dialog plugin. This value will be …
11:09 AM Ticket #2295 (UI plugins should expose defaults) created by Scott González
UI plugins should expose their default settings so they can be changed …
10:08 AM Ticket #2294 (sortable is missing args declaration) created by rworth
the sortable constructor is missing the following line: var args = …
6:15 AM Ticket #2291 (resizable: redundant options? (o.aspectRatio / o.ratio)) created by c_t
As far as I understand the code if I want a resizable to preserve its …
6:06 AM Ticket #2290 (resizable's aspectRatio-preservation buggy (all handles, except SE)) created by c_t
Looking at the code I suppose ui.resizable is meant to support …

Feb 6, 2008:

12:20 AM Ticket #1669 (Dialog Options - modal, resizable, draggable) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in [4661]. Thanks Scott Gonzalez.

Feb 3, 2008:

12:17 PM Ticket #2275 (Datepicker: can't paste date to field) created by salac.r
Well, I can't paste a valid date from my clipboard to field with …

Feb 2, 2008:

4:52 PM Ticket #2007 (Bring selected Dialog to front of other dialogs. (Patch Included)) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in [4590]

Feb 1, 2008:

8:43 PM Ticket #2271 (accordian panel bug) created by jsprenkl
Loaded the accordian panel page in firefox 2 …
5:41 AM Ticket #2269 (datepicker in scrolled div's (overflow=auto)) created by deg
The datepicker doesn't position itself correctly when it is inside a …

Jan 31, 2008:

6:45 PM Ticket #2267 (ui.datepicker: minDate maxDate) created by h3r2on
These functions are misleading. One would expect that a given minDate …
2:06 PM Ticket #2265 (Sortables disappear in IE6 when dragged) created by mconway
I am writing a module for the Drupal CMS using UI sortables. Right …
9:46 AM Ticket #2263 (Error in calculate week - UI Datepicker) created by JesperSJensen
Error in calculating week number. 2 weeks number 13 in …
2:10 AM Ticket #2262 (iFrame problem while using UI Sortables makeSortable) created by BNArun
I'm using new ui.sortables makeSortable method. When I'm using an …
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