Feb 18, 2008:

9:09 AM Ticket #2328 (Resizable: Auto hide handles on textareas and Images) closed by braeker
9:08 AM Ticket #2290 (resizable's aspectRatio-preservation buggy (all handles, except SE)) closed by braeker
2:44 AM Ticket #2358 (ui dialog show and hide overrides) created by mnichols
There is no way to control the behaviour of the show() and hide() …
1:52 AM Ticket #2357 (UI Dialog Position Options) created by mnichols
This patch adds easy ability to show dialog in corners, adding 'top …

Feb 16, 2008:

10:35 AM Ticket #2355 (.sortable("serialize") unable to handle id with '-' in it) created by Bitruder
If run .sortable("serialize") on a list with an item that has an id …
12:52 AM Ticket #2353 (Cannot add a new tab at first position by using jquery.tabs) created by cndragon
$('#container-9 > ul').tabs('add', '#new-tab', 'New Tab', 1); add …

Feb 15, 2008:

4:10 PM Ticket #2351 (Datepicker - awkward handling of default date) created by adsmart
I have noticed several issues with the way that dates are handled. …
11:36 AM Ticket #2350 (SELECTs pierce thru the Dialog in IE6) closed by Scott González
fixed: There is now an option to use bgiframe on dialogs (requires latest SVN …
10:12 AM Ticket #2350 (SELECTs pierce thru the Dialog in IE6) created by snobo
It is a known issue that in IE lte 6, SELECT controls cannot be …

Feb 14, 2008:

5:02 PM Ticket #2296 ([dialog] add zIndex option) closed by Scott González
10:54 AM Ticket #2348 (Slider handles appear offset if minValue and stepping are used together) created by chmac
See the attached modification to the slider demo. If minValue and …
5:35 AM Ticket #2347 (Sortable : callback called before sort really stop) created by Nodashi
If you want to use a callback function when the sort stop/update this …

Feb 13, 2008:

7:53 PM Ticket #2343 ([ui.draggable] when i try to move draggable element in "revert" mode ...) created by netdog
When i try to move draggable element in "revert" mode on fly return, …
7:36 PM Ticket #2342 ([fx.shake.js] option 'speed' not work) created by netdog
- var speed = o.duration || 140; Default speed per shake + var …
5:19 PM Ticket #2341 ([dialog] add destroy method) created by Scott González
There is currently no method for destroying a dialog.
3:06 PM Ticket #2340 ([UI] Dispatched Events) created by Scott González
There are currently three models being used for dispatching events in …
2:53 PM Ticket #2339 (nested list sortables not functional) created by balliano
tried this demo …
12:41 PM Ticket #2336 (UI Datepicker, Italian localization fixes) created by etatoby
Under Italian conventions weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. …
11:18 AM Ticket #2334 ([datepicker] semicolon is missing after Vor&#x3e causes ie to not ...) created by CoachZ
nextText: 'Vor&#x3e', nextStatus: 'nächsten Monat zeigen', semicolon …
3:24 AM Ticket #2333 (Draggable demo dumps code instead of text content into droppable when ...) created by lvanbass
http://dev.jquery.com/view/trunk/ui/demos/ui.droppable.html The …
2:38 AM Ticket #2332 ([jQueryUI] Slider with multiple handlers bug) created by alexo
The bug affects both, 1.0 & 1.5b versions. This bug can be reproduced …
2:03 AM Ticket #2331 (Slider range: dragging range causes weird behaviour) created by gregmac
This issue can be seen on the demo @ …

Feb 12, 2008:

8:43 PM Ticket #2330 ([Resizable] minWidth/minHeight not met when dragging NE,N,NW,W,SW ...) created by nathantran
Instead of describing the bug, I've made a video on youtube. …
8:42 PM Ticket #2097 (Bug on UI DIALOG using opera browser) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed during the rewrite for UI 1.5.
8:41 PM Ticket #1824 (dialog - select dropdown box unclickable in IE7 and Opera 2.23) closed by Scott González
6:59 PM Ticket #1801 (Use bgiframe for dialogs when available) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in [4744]. There is now an option for using bgiframe (defaulted …
1:55 PM Ticket #2328 (Resizable: Auto hide handles on textareas and Images) created by braeker
The autohide handles is not working on textareas and images when any …
1:44 PM Ticket #2327 (IE opacity fix for transfer demo) created by cloudream
view transfer.diff
1:38 PM Ticket #2326 (Explode IE bug) created by cloudream
Explode plays thin boxes in IE6/7. Pretty cool in …
12:07 PM Ticket #2100 (Resizables broken?) closed by braeker
12:07 PM Ticket #2323 (Resizable not updating top/left when dragging NE,N,NW,W, SW directions.) closed by braeker
11:03 AM Ticket #2322 ((Dialog] Minimize a dialog box) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #1670.
10:16 AM Ticket #2320 (Standard html code for UI) closed by paul
10:10 AM Ticket #2310 (sortable forces dragged elements to visible) closed by paul
9:37 AM Ticket #2197 (jqueryUI Slider plugin - Multiple handle BUG) closed by paul
fixed: Hi, this is fixed in the new version of slider, which works quite …
9:25 AM Ticket #2308 (UI Lint Errors & Warnings) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed. Thanks!
8:57 AM Ticket #2161 (Fixed Position Support in Draggables) closed by paul
fixed: Done!
8:53 AM Ticket #2323 (Resizable not updating top/left when dragging NE,N,NW,W, SW directions.) created by nathantran
This bug is described in the following group post: …
8:09 AM Ticket #2132 (Draggables: "remove()" draggable element inside drop event) closed by paul
wontfix: This is not possible at this point. Please setTimeout to delay the …
8:08 AM Ticket #2107 (issue in ui.mouse.js when using slider (ie6)) closed by paul
fixed: This should be fixed in 1.5b.
8:07 AM Ticket #1939 ([PATCH] Improved demos for slider) closed by paul
fixed: Thank for your patch. Due to the complete rewritten slider, I will …
8:06 AM Ticket #2322 ((Dialog] Minimize a dialog box) created by wilhemd
It would be nice to be able to minimize a dialog box. Add an icon in …
8:06 AM Ticket #1865 (slider curValue ignores minValue) closed by paul
fixed: Sorry, this has been complete redone and is therefore fixed. Thanks.
8:05 AM Ticket #2259 (slider can not be vertical) closed by paul
fixed: Should be fixed in 1.5.

Feb 11, 2008:

3:56 PM Ticket #2320 (Standard html code for UI) created by cloudream
View patch
12:36 PM Ticket #2319 ([draggable droppable] improvement for refreshPositions option) created by Scott González
Attached is a patch to improve performance for the refreshPositions option.
11:22 AM Ticket #2318 ([accordion] animation bug in IE) created by Scott González
The slide animation in IE 6 (untested in IE 7) has a jump at the end …
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