Feb 29, 2008:

6:43 PM Ticket #2437 (Add a resize callback to dialog options) created by natecavanaugh
The dialogs should have an onResize callback that gets executed …
12:20 PM Ticket #2436 (Add an event to the droppable system.) created by jeffkretz
I needed to implement a somewhat complex intersection logic. The drop …
12:16 PM Ticket #2435 (Tabs 3. Ajax and .tabs("select", x)) created by jasonE
I am currently using Tabs Ajax feature by pointing the href to the …
3:18 AM Ticket #2434 (jQueryUI - Slider with range bug) created by alexo
The slider with range does not working correct, when a hidden input is …

Feb 28, 2008:

9:43 PM Ticket #2433 (Ability to pass a class name to a Dialog) created by natecavanaugh
It would be great if for dialogs you had the ability to pass a css …
11:25 AM Ticket #2431 (Touch tolerance breaks when the draggable is taller than the droppable.) created by jeffkretz
See demo page at: …
6:04 AM Ticket #2379 ([ui.droppable/draggable] draggable object ignores new size of ...) closed by paul
5:56 AM Ticket #2417 (sortable: patch to fix nested sortables) closed by paul
fixed: This doesn't seem to fix anything in the current trunk version. In …
5:51 AM Ticket #2326 (Explode IE bug) closed by paul

Feb 27, 2008:

5:24 PM Ticket #2428 (ui.slider will not work if slider is hidden during slider() init call.) created by khelenek
There is no version for UI, but this is for 1.5b. If you put the …
12:45 PM Ticket #2427 (fx breaks toggle) created by mnichols
WHen i add the fx library along with drop/scale/slide the toggle event …

Feb 26, 2008:

9:41 PM Ticket #2421 (Resizable breaks with %-based positioning but works with pixel-based ...) created by briang
I am using resizables to display an object in a Gantt-chart like setup …
3:57 PM Ticket #2419 (Dialog options after init) created by rworth
Not all options are settable with .data after initialization. For …
1:26 PM Ticket #2417 (sortable: patch to fix nested sortables) created by jr
If you have one sortable inside another, sortable gets confused as to …
12:24 PM Ticket #2375 (error in draggable("destroy")) closed by paul
fixed: Thanks, fixed!
12:22 PM Ticket #2415 (draggable destroy() error) closed by paul
fixed: this.handle always is available if the draggable is initialized, even …
12:18 PM Ticket #2376 (droppable events "over" and "out" may not fire) closed by paul
12:14 PM Ticket #2397 (Cannot obtain attributes from dropped item! (UI Droppables)) closed by paul
12:13 PM Ticket #2380 (Sortable : crash whithout items to sort) closed by paul
11:49 AM Ticket #2415 (draggable destroy() error) created by lideln
When calling $('.myClass').draggable('destroy'); it crashes javascript …
10:24 AM Ticket #2412 (ui.slider 1.5b has this.currentHandle error in IE 6-7) created by wavded
With the new slider 1.5b, I get the following error when I start to …
4:45 AM Ticket #2410 (Latvian localization) created by Lafriks
I have translated datepicker to Latvian language.

Feb 25, 2008:

7:44 PM Ticket #2409 (jQuery UI Dialog incompatible with ASP.NET) created by waterproofed.elves
file: ui.dialog.js, version: 1.5b In ASP.NET there is a single form …
8:04 AM Ticket #2406 (Proportional resizing using the Resizable) created by Anotherhero
On line 325 there is if(e.shiftKey) nh = nw * (p[1]/p[0]); Could this …
6:24 AM Ticket #2405 ([Drag/Droppables] Support for TableRows/TableColumns/TableCells/TableBodies) created by Markus.Staab
Would be nice to have support for drag/drop …

Feb 24, 2008:

11:15 PM Ticket #2257 ([PATCH] ui.datepicker: hideOnButton) closed by kbwood
fixed: Added as default behaviour in v3.4
11:14 PM Ticket #2255 (datePicker onClose feature request) closed by kbwood
fixed: Added in 3.4
11:07 PM Ticket #2275 (Datepicker: can't paste date to field) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in the latest version
11:06 PM Ticket #2370 (Date range rendering incorrectly on firefox - Mac Leopard.) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in the latest version
11:04 PM Ticket #2392 (ui datepicker 3.4 enable needs to reattach focus) closed by kbwood
worksforme: Works for me in the latest version.
10:59 PM Ticket #2395 (jQuery UI/Datepicker 3.3 - .datepicker('getDate') doesn't work) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in the latest version.

Feb 23, 2008:

6:21 AM Ticket #2399 (UI sartable and Cookies Function) created by Ooxo
I was wondering if it would be possibble to insert a cookie function …
1:14 AM Ticket #2397 (Cannot obtain attributes from dropped item! (UI Droppables)) created by brandon_ddc
As of UI version 1.5b (version 1.5a is fine), you cannot obtain any …

Feb 22, 2008:

11:29 PM Ticket #2396 (jQuery UI - Draggables) created by computerkidt
http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Draggables The Example does not work in …
6:30 PM Ticket #2353 (Cannot add a new tab at first position by using jquery.tabs) closed by klaus
fixed: r4816
5:47 PM Ticket #2395 (jQuery UI/Datepicker 3.3 - .datepicker('getDate') doesn't work) created by adsmart
The recent updates to DatePicker are flawed in a few ways. The new …
3:16 PM Ticket #2393 (Add ability to define cookie name for UI Tabs) created by scottweaver
UI/Tabs currently has support for remembering active tabs via a …
1:07 PM Ticket #2392 (ui datepicker 3.4 enable needs to reattach focus) created by mnichols
$("#input").datepicker("enable") needs to reattach the focus event …
5:07 AM Ticket #2387 (Sortable "serialize" exception in Opera) created by asbjornu
Pressing the "Serialize" button on the …
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