Apr 17, 2008:

9:48 PM Ticket #2670 ([UI Droppable] Improper order of over/out for greedy droppables) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in [5268].
8:54 PM Ticket #2687 ([UI Dialog] Remove "helpful element detection") closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in [5266].
9:16 AM Ticket #2704 (ui.droppable.js and removing droppables) created by colin.johnson
I have come across an error when trying to remove a droppable when I …
9:14 AM Ticket #2686 (Sortable bug) closed by paul
9:08 AM Ticket #2685 (ui.droppable.js & overflow) closed by paul
wontfix: I won't "fix" this due to performance reasons. It makes everything …
9:01 AM Ticket #2657 (UI Draggable: "containment: parent" behaves wrong when the parent ...) closed by paul
8:14 AM Ticket #2534 (ui.sortable - imbricate sortable bug) closed by paul
fixed: I still don't know why it happended in a old version of UI - some of …
7:48 AM Ticket #2638 ([UI Droppable] Remove wrapper object in manager) closed by paul
fixed: sorry, seems it didn't commit it..
7:47 AM Ticket #2597 (Droppable events fired on hidden elements) closed by paul

Apr 16, 2008:

10:44 PM Ticket #2700 (Datepicker does not allow manual entry of alphabetic characters) created by peepsalot
I am using the datepicker plugin with dateFormat: 'dd-M-y' When I try …
4:34 PM Ticket #2699 ([Patch] ui.datepicker - Higlight custom dates) created by adis
When using DatePicker in "inline" mode, it would be nice to be able to …
10:43 AM Ticket #2696 (Slider - possible bug with slider bar) created by dgarlitt
I posted this on the discussion and was told that it sounds like a …

Apr 15, 2008:

11:12 AM Ticket #2693 (ie7 sortable off) created by matthewvb
When using IE7, clicking on a sortable element causes the element to …

Apr 14, 2008:

1:42 PM Ticket #2687 ([UI Dialog] Remove "helpful element detection") created by Scott González
Remove the functionality that allows dialog methods to be called on …
11:42 AM Ticket #2686 (Sortable bug) created by sheraz
If i apply sortable to any list then that element or any of its child …
10:48 AM Ticket #2685 (ui.droppable.js & overflow) created by Maximus
I noticed a problem in ui.droppable.js @ line 137. In the event that …

Apr 13, 2008:

1:41 PM Ticket #2591 (Slider size method only returns the width of the slider) closed by joern
fixed: That got fixed some time ago, see latest revision.

Apr 11, 2008:

5:36 AM Ticket #2679 (slider performance problem) created by therve
Using latest version of UI (1.5b2), I have seen a big performance …

Apr 10, 2008:

10:42 PM Ticket #2340 ([UI] Dispatched Events) closed by Scott González
fixed: datepicker currently has no events
8:28 PM Ticket #2678 ([UI Slider] min:0, max:1 doesn't fully work) created by ThrushAAX
Discovered this while talking on irc. Using stock html/css the follow …
6:30 PM Ticket #2677 ([slider] moveTo relative increment) created by hubbardr1
using latest 1.5b2 code with jquery-1.2.4a.js. I've been playing with …
1:34 PM Ticket #2676 (Error on window close after showing ui dialog: ...) created by bart.waggoner
After showing a jquery ui dialog, i get the following javascript error …
1:27 PM Ticket #2675 (toJSONString button in dialog in JQuery UI 1.5b) created by bart.waggoner
When showing a dialog with an OK and Cancel button, I also get a …
4:58 AM Ticket #2673 (datepicker v3.4.3 not cover selects in IE6) created by pservit
datepicker v3.4.3 (trunk version also) not cover selects in IE6 …
4:44 AM Ticket #2672 (new datepicker timing issue) created by balliano
hi, i'm running the datepicker in a full ajax context, also datepicker …
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