Jun 24, 2008:

9:15 PM Ticket #3024 (click and dblclick handlers are disabled on sortable elements) created by Jamie McKenzie
I am using the sortable plugin on some unsorted list elements and want …
8:02 PM Ticket #3020 (IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry 'kbwood-1-query_constrain' for ...) closed by paul
fixed: Should be fine now!
8:01 PM Ticket #2938 (Access to current target) closed by paul
wontfix: well, you already have lots of information in the UI object - for …
7:59 PM Ticket #2797 ([slider] Slider Demos - "Multiple slides" - negative range?) closed by paul
7:25 PM Ticket #3023 (No events on sortable elements) closed by paul
5:35 PM Ticket #3023 (No events on sortable elements) created by anonymous
Calling sortable on an element disables the events for anything that …
4:57 PM Ticket #3008 (Initial drag event triggered on draggable even if mouse not moved) closed by paul
fixed: This recently has been fixed. Please try again with the latest trunk …
4:53 PM Ticket #3018 (Sortable With Draggables: placeholder has no porperties) closed by paul
4:46 PM Ticket #2986 (draggables with position: fixed "jump" if the page is scrolled (in ff2)) closed by paul
4:13 PM Ticket #2976 (Sortable Issues) closed by paul
fixed: Thanks a lot for your detailed blog post, it helped a lot in finding …
4:09 PM Ticket #2947 (Sortable Throws Errors in Firefox 3 rc1) closed by paul
fixed: Should work now!
3:46 PM Ticket #2951 (Sortables demo: Placeholder displays above dragged element!) closed by paul
fixed: Not a css issue - fixed.
3:33 PM Ticket #2989 (Sortables/Draggables ignores handle property) closed by paul
worksforme: This is not reproducable for me. Could you please check with the …
3:29 PM Ticket #3019 (sortables bug with option 'stop') closed by paul

Jun 23, 2008:

10:15 PM Ticket #3022 (Sortable: Handles outside sorting element do not work) created by vlucas
We have a situation where, similar to basecamp's task list, the …
9:47 PM Ticket #3021 (Themeroller theme does not work with ui.tabs) created by [email protected]
Themeroller uses a ui-tabs-nav-item class for the standard tab display …

Jun 22, 2008:

3:14 AM Ticket #2038 (Split out display date and date value formats) closed by kbwood
fixed: Added altField and altFormat settings. altField is the jQuery selector …
3:01 AM Ticket #3020 (IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry 'kbwood-1-query_constrain' for ...) created by kbwood
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on /query, …

Jun 20, 2008:

11:04 AM Ticket #3019 (sortables bug with option 'stop') created by Vaskerville
One would think that the 'stop' option for Sortables would fire after …
10:17 AM Ticket #2876 (DatePicker: selectors don't fire any event.) closed by kbwood
fixed: Added onChangeMonthYear setting to notify of changes to month/year in …
10:07 AM Ticket #2410 (Latvian localization) closed by kbwood
fixed: Latvian localisation has been added.

Jun 19, 2008:

5:37 PM Ticket #3018 (Sortable With Draggables: placeholder has no porperties) created by JimmyJam
When using sortabls and draggables together, dragging an element into …
2:32 PM Ticket #2987 (Bug on destroy) closed by paul
2:26 PM Ticket #3009 (sortable("refresh") doesn't refresh list of elements matching ...) closed by paul
12:37 PM Ticket #3017 (Dialog callback scopes) reopened by rdworth
Unit tests are needed

Jun 18, 2008:

9:18 PM Ticket #3017 (Dialog callback scopes) closed by eduardo
9:18 PM Ticket #3017 (Dialog callback scopes) created by eduardo
The dragStop, dragStart, drag, resizeStop, resizeStart, resize …
2:32 PM Ticket #3016 (Distance option default) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in [304]
2:29 PM Ticket #3016 (Distance option default) created by rdworth
The default value for the distance option should be changed to 1 …
1:42 PM Ticket #2724 (jQuery UI Datepicker v3.4.3 => Date range + Restricting) closed by kbwood
1:40 PM Ticket #2700 (Datepicker does not allow manual entry of alphabetic characters) closed by kbwood
1:38 PM Ticket #2699 ([Patch] ui.datepicker - Higlight custom dates) closed by kbwood
1:36 PM Ticket #2658 (ui.datepicker.js: hideIfNoPrevNext option not working correctly) closed by kbwood
1:35 PM Ticket #2641 (week row hover styling) closed by kbwood
1:33 PM Ticket #2236 (First day of week bug) closed by kbwood
1:32 PM Ticket #2155 (Range select and disabled dates) closed by kbwood
1:30 PM Ticket #2593 (jquery.datepicker using months instead of prev and next) closed by kbwood
1:29 PM Ticket #2371 (Datepicker - when showing "off page" behaves strangely - Firefox ...) closed by kbwood

Jun 17, 2008:

7:52 PM Ticket #3015 (cookie value is not checked on init + selected tab is not stored in ...) created by [email protected]
The cookie value is not checked on init. If you first display 3 tabs, …
6:51 PM Ticket #3014 (Overlay Not Destroyed on Close) created by [email protected]
I believe line 267 should read: $ui.dialog.overlay.destroy(); …
6:36 PM Ticket #3013 (No title causes height of title bar to be different) created by shelane
When there is no title attribute, the title bar is shorter - causing …
5:46 PM Ticket #3012 (Dialog causing iframe load event to fire in firefox 2) created by bgrinstead
I have noticed that in firefox, if you call dialog("open") and the …
3:59 PM Ticket #2999 (Make dialogs maximizable) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #1670. Thanks for the patch, but we're actually waiting …
3:40 PM Ticket #3011 (Interactions should support bottom and right positioning) created by Scott González
Resizable and draggable should support bottom and right positioning in …
3:08 PM Ticket #3010 (Disabling droppables does not prevent adding the hoverclass under some ...) created by [email protected]
I've made a page where you can reproduce the problem: …
6:37 AM Ticket #3009 (sortable("refresh") doesn't refresh list of elements matching ...) created by [email protected]
I'm building a widget that has 2 levels of sortables that lets a user …
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