Aug 7, 2008:

11:11 PM Ticket #3142 (Progressbar XHTML code) closed by Cloudream
fixed: Fixed in [509]
11:02 PM Ticket #3110 (Datepicker conflict with jquery.dimensions) closed by Cloudream
invalid: dimensions has been included in jquery 1.2.6,please use jquery 1.2.6 …
10:54 PM Ticket #3141 (New components in trac) closed by Cloudream
10:51 PM Ticket #3138 (Nothing happened using Traditional Chinese pack on IE7) closed by Cloudream
fixed: Fixed. seems /i18n/ folder on the server has some issus before.
10:18 PM Ticket #3167 (Datepicker Italian localization) closed by Cloudream
10:16 PM Ticket #3092 (Image cropper demo errors (patch included)) closed by Cloudream
4:17 PM Ticket #3170 (Esperanto translation ui.datepicker) created by Olivier
This is the translation for the ui.datepicker module for Esperanto. …

Aug 6, 2008:

4:41 AM Ticket #3169 (Ctrl-Select should use Cmd key on Mac) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in [505]
4:38 AM Ticket #3169 (Ctrl-Select should use Cmd key on Mac) created by rdworth
When attempting to do a multiple selection on the Mac, the Ctrl-drag …

Aug 5, 2008:

10:53 AM Ticket #3167 (Datepicker Italian localization) created by [email protected]
The updated and complete version

Aug 4, 2008:

1:05 AM Ticket #3166 (Dragging fixed position elements) created by cootetom
If an element on a page is styled with a fixed position and then made …

Aug 3, 2008:

7:04 PM Ticket #3165 (Invaild Comparsion in _changeDatePicker) created by [email protected]
You are doing an assignment operation within an if statement, which …

Aug 2, 2008:

6:59 AM Ticket #3146 (Inconsistent year/month change notify (user callback)) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed. onChangeMonthYear is now called before the change is rendered …
6:57 AM Ticket #3116 (datepicker incorrectly handling change of rangeSelect) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed. Datepicker now reinitialises all internal settings on change of …
6:47 AM Ticket #3137 (Translation for new text.) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed. First with the translations again - thanks.

Aug 1, 2008:

9:20 PM Ticket #3164 (Sortables do not work on sorted elements that are also resizable) created by mlang74
A sortable element that also has the resizable capability applied will …
9:18 PM Ticket #3163 (Nesting Sortables is not working - connecting all groups of same class) created by mlang74
In a scenario where you want to connect mutliple sort groups in a …
4:44 AM Ticket #3126 (IE7 dialog error on simple v1.5.2) closed by Scott González
fixed: I was able to reproduce this with 1.5.2, but not with current SVN, so …

Jul 31, 2008:

5:20 PM Ticket #3162 (Functional demo for spinner/colorpicker) created by Cloudream
4:03 PM Ticket #3161 (iframeFix in draggable) created by Cloudream
It adds "div.ui-draggable-iframeFix" to cover the iframe. But remove …
3:12 PM Ticket #3160 (Ability to specify dialog containment) created by [email protected]
Patch: […]
12:18 PM Ticket #3159 (datepicker function to do refresh/redraw) created by anonymous
would be nice if the datepicke had a datepicker("refresh"); function …
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