Dec 1, 2008:

12:58 PM Ticket #3632 (Slider - if multiple sliders are created, values should be able to be ...) created by eric258
If I have two elements with class 'test', and I create a slider with …
10:12 AM Ticket #3631 (Sortable crashes IE 8 when placeholder class is set) created by ElChe
When using sortable in IE8 it works ok without setting the Placeholder …
8:24 AM Ticket #3601 (ThemeRoller needs to be updated for 1.6rc3) closed by paul
fixed: Done in wr52.

Nov 30, 2008:

8:45 AM Ticket #3611 (Animation clears radio button's CHECKED attribute in IE) reopened by Jörn Zaefferer
Whoops, nevermind.
8:45 AM Ticket #3611 (Animation clears radio button's CHECKED attribute in IE) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
invalid: Invalid, not related to jQuery UI. Use the jQuery bugtracker instead: …
8:43 AM Ticket #3630 (teste) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
8:40 AM Ticket #3603 (Re-open #3258) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
8:40 AM Ticket #3232 (Datepicker Position Problem in IE 6/7) reopened by Jörn Zaefferer
According to #3603, this issue is still open.
8:36 AM Ticket #3608 (Incorrect Calendar in Datepicker) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
invalid: Fixed in 1.6.2.
8:35 AM Ticket #3625 (datepicker shows incorrect calendar) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
8:25 AM Ticket #3606 (accordion: rename change event (and remove namespacing?)) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
invalid: Turned out the issue occured only in my customized copy. Nevermind.

Nov 29, 2008:

10:21 AM Ticket #3630 (teste) created by testeUser

Nov 28, 2008:

4:48 PM Milestone 1.5.3 completed

Nov 27, 2008:

12:29 AM Ticket #3629 (Supporting of Jalali Calendar (Hijiri Date)) created by jmowla
It sounds good to support Jalali Calendar by Datepicker. I just added …

Nov 26, 2008:

8:18 PM Ticket #3628 (Resizable position: fixed is not supported) created by tmm1
if a div is position fixed, ui.resizable will make it position …
3:43 PM Ticket #3627 (ajax tabs fail in internet explorer when url has a fragment) created by mtk
<html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" …
1:14 PM Ticket #3626 (ui.accordion resize not possible) created by tud
It's not possible to resize ui.accordion menu when the browser window …

Nov 25, 2008:

5:42 PM Ticket #3625 (datepicker shows incorrect calendar) created by linoj
There are two Nov 2nd's, and the rest of the calendar is off. Using …
5:39 PM Ticket #3624 (ui download crashes safari) created by linoj
I went to create a custom download in safari and it crashed Safari, …
7:25 AM Ticket #3623 (Opening a Modal Dialog shows a horizontal scroll bar) created by teaspoon000
Whenever I open a dialog box, there appears a horizontal scroll bar …
4:56 AM Ticket #3622 (.datepicker("setDate", date) doesn't update altField) created by deebo
using the following option: […] the actual field updates on …

Nov 24, 2008:

5:48 PM Ticket #3621 (placeholder option problem with sortable elements) created by chag
The 'placeholder' option doesn't work as it should with sortable …
9:10 AM Ticket #3579 (ALL DOCS: e, ui should be changed to event, ui) closed by paul
fixed: Done.
8:49 AM Ticket #3541 (Events removed on sortable elements) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in r1002 by an ugly regex that removes the expando attribute.
8:25 AM Ticket #3567 (toArray not working) closed by paul
fixed: This has recently been fixed.
8:24 AM Ticket #3007 (Click event missing for resizable with proxy) closed by paul
wontfix: This is not a bug, but expected behaviour - since what you are doing …
7:54 AM Ticket #3620 (When yearRange rolls over, the resulting dates dont) created by deebo
When using something like […] in december during year 2008, and …
7:37 AM Ticket #3619 (Setting a date pops up the datepicker window) created by deebo
When using datepicker as a "container for dates", where outside …
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