Mar 26, 2009:

1:08 PM Ticket #4303 (sortable: receive: ui.item references the source element) reopened by rdworth
10:54 AM Ticket #4406 (Anonymous function keeping previous value of a variable (IE.7)) created by ryu
The issue here is that the anonymous function in the dialog invocation …
10:13 AM Ticket #4405 (Clicking on Tab throws an exception in IE7 after receiving the ...) created by numericalexample.com
jQuery UI tabs work fine in IE7 except for one particular case. When …
8:26 AM Ticket #4404 (Range option does not work after control has been initialized) created by kupokomapa
I want to have the "range" option set to false in the beginning and …
8:03 AM Ticket #4403 (Removing a tab can result in a selected index of -1 if fx option is used) created by rockwild
It appears that occasionally when a tab is deleted using …
7:01 AM Ticket #4300 (Cupertino theme differs 1.5.3 vs. 1.6/1.7) closed by rdworth
invalid: The 1.6 is a 1.5.3 compatibility release. There are no changes to …
6:58 AM Ticket #4334 (Real World Image Cropper demo is broken) reopened by rdworth
One more fix was applied in r2381 but the issue remains.
6:37 AM Milestone 1.6rc2.6 completed

Mar 25, 2009:

1:06 PM Ticket #4400 (Tabs- Add) closed by Scott González
worksforme: Works fine for me. Please provide an actual use case if you continue …
12:38 PM Ticket #4374 (effects show scale doesn't reset the opacity in IE) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #4274.

Mar 24, 2009:

11:06 PM Ticket #4401 (Icons in Tabs Don't Work) created by ZaBlanc
When I try to do an icon within a tab, the image doesn't line up right …
8:35 PM Ticket #4334 (Real World Image Cropper demo is broken) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in r2376.
4:29 PM Ticket #4400 (Tabs- Add) created by rsaunders
Having trouble with adding tabs dynamically (i.e. tabs('add'...)). …
11:07 AM Ticket #4399 (Multiple rows of tabs exhibit strange behaviors) created by brostbeef
When there are more than one row of tabs, the bottom row will shift …
9:43 AM Ticket #4398 (Slider handle not contained within slider) created by mikael
When the slider handle is larger than 10-15px it no longer remains …

Mar 23, 2009:

6:49 PM Ticket #4397 (wrong date type sent to Datepicker.onClose event) created by conkey2
The Datepicker.onClose event function receives a string instead of a …
2:53 PM Ticket #4396 (animateClass does nothing if there are no styles changes) created by mulhoon
three styles... .content_1{color:#FFFFFF;} .content_2{color:#FF0000;} …
8:45 AM Ticket #4395 (Slider doesn't function at all in Firefox created by jrlucier
In Firefox on both PC and Mac, the sliders handle is …
8:15 AM Ticket #4394 (Accordion: option animated easeslide causes JavaScript error) created by rdworth
accordion option […] causes a JavaScript error. May be related to #4392
8:09 AM Ticket #4393 (Accordion: option animated bounceslide is identical to slide (no bounce)) created by rdworth
The accordion animated option set to 'bounceslide' behaves the same as …
7:35 AM Ticket #4392 (Accordion: option animated true causes JavaScript error) created by rdworth
The accordion option 'animated' is documented as supporting boolean …

Mar 22, 2009:

8:38 PM Ticket #3736 (Slider: some handles get stuck when using two or more handles) reopened by Scott González
This still occurs with multiple handles and range: false.
3:54 PM Ticket #4391 (ui-state-hover, ui-state-active and disabled sliders) created by vitch
When hovering over a ui-slider which has been disabled ui-state-hover …
2:41 PM Ticket #4376 (ui.tags add method not consistent with _tabify) closed by klaus.hartl
invalid: The tab template option is for a single tab element, while the ul is a …
8:37 AM Ticket #3043 (Incomplete selectable documentation) reopened by rdworth
there is still no documentation for the tolerance option, other than …
8:23 AM Ticket #4387 (slider handles can be dragged over each other when there are more than 2) closed by rdworth
invalid: The current behavior is as designed. If range is false, handle values …
8:14 AM Ticket #4240 (Datepicker: destroy, disable, and enable methods affect sibling datepickers) closed by rdworth
fixed: fixed in r2350
8:14 AM Ticket #4240 (Datepicker: destroy, disable, and enable methods affect sibling datepickers) reopened by rdworth
appendText is also affected
4:34 AM Ticket #4390 (Included sortables. Bug with elements positions in IE7.) created by malus
It must be sortable tree with saving parent/child element status. In …
3:56 AM Ticket #4389 (slider should pass information about which handle triggered an event) created by vitch
In my application it is necessary to know which handle was changed to …

Mar 21, 2009:

9:36 PM Ticket #4388 (slider range option should work with more than two handles) created by vitch
Currently the range option in ui.slider doesn't work where there are …
8:56 PM Ticket #4387 (slider handles can be dragged over each other when there are more than 2) created by vitch
There is logic in the slider which deals with making sure that you …
4:00 PM Ticket #4386 (Tabs: Incorrect handling for enable and disable method) created by Cloudream
.tabs("disable") doesn't disable the whole tabs …
3:49 PM Ticket #4385 (Slider: event slide callback returning false can lead to stuck range ...) created by Cloudream
Using slide:function(e,ui){ return (ui.values[1] - ui.values[0] > 50); …
3:29 PM Ticket #4383 (Themeswitcher broken in IE8) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in svn and pushed to jqueryui.com
2:30 PM Ticket #4384 (unable to download the UI themes) created by pnanduri76
The zip file in the download section for any of the themes in Jquery …
2:22 PM Ticket #4370 (IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry '269bddc98460be7-0-query_href' ...) closed by rdworth
duplicate: Duplicate of #2973
2:09 PM Ticket #4194 (If animation is set to true, the range of a slider with 2 handles will ...) closed by rdworth
fixed: This was fixed in 1.7.
2:06 PM Ticket #3458 (stick handle) closed by rdworth
invalid: I can't understand what's being requested, and I'm not sure whether …
1:56 PM Ticket #2993 ("minRange" option for ui slider) closed by rdworth
wontfix: This is possible (as of 1.7) by using the slide event. Returning false …
8:05 AM Ticket #4383 (Themeswitcher broken in IE8) created by rdworth
See http://groups.google.com/group/jquery-en/msg/31625269beedbb61
5:16 AM Ticket #4382 (Accordion does not function in IE7/WinXP) created by mkornblum
Ref: Ticket 4331 (http://dev.jqueryui.com/ticket/4331) This problem …

Mar 20, 2009:

5:08 PM Ticket #4381 (IE 7 Error on jQuery UI load) created by pizte
I'm getting an error message in IE 7 (Windows XP) that prevents …
4:20 PM Ticket #4380 (draggable start callback returns undefined ui.offset and ui.position) created by DRHansen
this.position and this.positionAbs are not set before calling …
3:10 PM Ticket #4379 (Quotes for font names in Themeroller) created by bmatzner
When creating a custom theme from scratch, if using quotation marks in …
2:02 PM Ticket #4378 (Month & Year Dropdowns are too big in ie8) created by krousseau
The month and year dropdown menus are too big in ie8. They overlap and …
10:32 AM Ticket #4377 (Selectable: Wrong offset when using appendTo) created by arikshtiv
When using appendTo on an element which is not body the offset is …
7:54 AM Ticket #4376 (ui.tags add method not consistent with _tabify) created by biaggi
Despite you can use any html code in the tabs with the tabTemplate …
5:54 AM Ticket #4375 (Load demo twice on dialog demo pages.) created by Cloudream
5:15 AM Ticket #4010 (Invalid archive file from download builder) closed by Cloudream
4:58 AM Ticket #4374 (effects show scale doesn't reset the opacity in IE) created by ZeroMD
When I use .hide('puff', 'fast') to hide an object the object …

Mar 19, 2009:

8:01 PM Ticket #4373 (Too much padding on bottom. Makes resize handle way too far from element.) created by jjshoe
With the following code I've noticed a large amount of bottom padding …
5:38 PM Ticket #4113 (Dialog memory leak in IE6,IE7) closed by Cloudream
5:35 PM Ticket #3118 (bug with ui.resizable in FF) closed by Cloudream
5:34 PM Ticket #3044 (unselect selected items with CTRL) closed by Cloudream
5:33 PM Ticket #3631 (Sortable crashes IE 8 when placeholder class is set) closed by Cloudream
5:31 PM Ticket #4293 (Ctrl + Click on selected list item does not deselect) closed by Cloudream
fixed: fixed in new selectable
5:27 PM Ticket #3947 (Datepicker Greek localization doesn't work in demo page) closed by Cloudream
5:09 PM Ticket #4209 (Value coming out as 0.9999999999999999 on 'Range with fixed maximum' demo) closed by Cloudream
5:07 PM Ticket #3043 (Incomplete selectable documentation) closed by Cloudream
4:21 PM Ticket #4372 (Animate backgroundColor to 'transparent') created by yourfavorite
Currently jQUI allows me to transition from transparent (no background …
4:09 PM Ticket #4371 (Problem with removeClass in ui.tabs and IE8) created by binside
I am using my own style for ui.tabs The selected tab has 2 background …
3:54 PM Ticket #4296 (big css size) closed by Cloudream
fixed: fixed in SVN
3:52 PM Ticket #4370 (IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry '269bddc98460be7-0-query_href' ...) created by caesar2k
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
6:37 AM Ticket #4264 (Add datepicker example to select a range of dates) closed by kbwood
wontfix: The jQuery UI team decided to remove range select from the datepicker …
6:33 AM Ticket #4362 (Datepicker: Update Croatian Localization) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r2341.
5:34 AM Ticket #4369 (datepicker events ignore UI event conventions) created by Jörn Zaefferer
The onSelected "event" doesn't adhere to our event conventions. …
2:10 AM Ticket #4368 (jQuery resizable on Safari and Chrome causes select bugs) created by orphidian11
Applying the jQuery resizable on a select element, or the said select …
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