Apr 25, 2009:

10:07 PM Ticket #4495 (Value not being returned) created by ababkov
$(".selector").progressbar('value'); Expected Behavior: Returns …

Apr 24, 2009:

6:24 PM Ticket #4494 (droppable("disable") behaves differently in Google Chrome than other ...) created by sgraffite
When you have a droppable that is enabled, and drop an item in it …
1:54 PM Ticket #4493 (Out of Memory using Dialog with fade effect) created by cupdike
Using JQuery 1.3.2 and UI 1.7.1, with a simple dialog demo with …
1:19 AM Ticket #4492 (Slider code doesn't pack, due to missing semicolons) created by spadgos
Some missing semicolons at the end of lines means the code fails after …

Apr 23, 2009:

7:06 PM Ticket #4491 (Problems upgrading from v1.5.3) created by sbillard
Zenphoto has been using jquery ui for sorting albums and image …

Apr 22, 2009:

9:06 AM Ticket #4490 (IE 7: accordion is positioned fix on page) created by norderik
In IE7 (and IE8 in compatibility mode) the whole accordion block is …

Apr 21, 2009:

3:51 PM Ticket #4489 (Resizable: Containment inside draggable is not working) created by gantww
Hello all, I have the following code that adds an image to a div. …
9:21 AM Ticket #4488 (:focusable and :tabbable are broken with jQuery 1.3.2) created by Scott González
The change to :hidden and :visible have broken the :focusable and …

Apr 20, 2009:

11:15 AM Ticket #3736 (Slider: some handles get stuck when using two or more handles) closed by andrew_
fixed: Committed fix to trunk. r2484.
5:40 AM Ticket #4487 (tabs('length'); causes JS error on IE6/7/8) created by mg
This error occurs only on Internet Explorer (all versions). It happens …
3:10 AM Ticket #4486 ($('#div').dialog in not a function) created by Atul
hi i am using below file for jquery and i am getting error in open …

Apr 19, 2009:

5:19 PM Ticket #4473 (effects.core corrupts jQuery toggle(<boolean switch>) functionality) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in r2480.

Apr 18, 2009:

6:00 PM Ticket #4187 (Strange behaviour with resizable and draggable) closed by Scott González
worksforme: Works for me. Test page attached.
9:04 AM Ticket #3559 (:focusable, :tabbable, setFocus()) closed by Scott González
fixed: .focus() override added in r2473.
3:05 AM Ticket #4485 (Sortable: Portlet demo is buggy) created by verifier
I've just tried the portlet demo: …
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