May 17, 2009:

9:38 AM Ticket #4538 (HTML overwrite - such as dialog default div structure) created by silverfh
Hi, Well em making an application and i need lots of customization in …
9:26 AM Ticket #4537 (Accordion Gets Smaller Every Time You Click It In IE 7) created by michael0116
Every time I click a header for the accordion when using IE 7, the …
9:22 AM Ticket #4532 (Tabs should have the ability to load via AJAX via POST requests) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
worksforme: You can set the post method via ajaxOptions: …

May 16, 2009:

2:25 AM Ticket #4536 (datepicker maxDate doesn't take into account column layout) created by davidascher
The following code: […] correctly displays a year's worth of …

May 15, 2009:

10:38 PM Ticket #4535 (ui demo have double dialogs) created by kevinlonigro
ui demo have double dialogs. How to reproduce. Go to the following …
5:28 PM Ticket #4534 (UI Dialog causing iframe to reload content every time 'show' is called) created by bgrinstead
I recently ran into this problem. Basically, if you have an iframe …

May 14, 2009:

10:26 PM Ticket #4434 (Slider moveTo function with two handles with different ranges moves ...) closed by rdworth
invalid: The slider was completely refactored in version 1.7. The moveTo …
9:50 PM Ticket #4398 (Slider handle not contained within slider) closed by rdworth
invalid: This is as designed. The slider was redesigned in 1.7 (starting in …
9:42 PM Ticket #4395 (Slider doesn't function at all in Firefox closed by rdworth
9:08 PM Ticket #3605 (actualSize in ui.slider not calculated correctly if element is hidden) closed by rdworth
fixed: This was fixed when the slider plugin was completely refactored after …
2:17 PM Ticket #4533 (Add support for custom calendars) created by mahdi
This datepicker has good support for localization, but for some, this …
12:27 PM Ticket #4532 (Tabs should have the ability to load via AJAX via POST requests) created by Olson.dev
I have a need to be able to send larger quantities of data at our …

May 13, 2009:

2:22 AM Ticket #4531 (e.originalTarget not set for WebKit and Opera on start/stop handlers) created by rstrahl
The start and stop handlers appear to not pass e.originalTarget in …[…]

May 12, 2009:

5:16 PM Ticket #4530 (disabled & special days) created by dimivi
found this functionality at http://www.eyecon.ro/datepicker/ which …
12:16 PM Ticket #4529 (dialog buttons are accessed in wrong order using tab) created by mijobe
dialog buttons are are accessible via tab from right to left, this is …
8:20 AM Ticket #4528 (highlight specific dates in datepicker) created by mstepnicki
I have to highlight some specific dates on given datepicker. I quickly …
4:32 AM Ticket #4527 (Stacked overlays cause odd behavior in WebKit-based browsers) created by Christopher
When nesting dialogs in WebKit-based browsers and you close a dialog …

May 11, 2009:

10:18 AM Ticket #4506 (tabs(): allow more flexibility in specifying what list is used) closed by klaus.hartl
worksforme: The ul does not need to be in the tab content pane at all.
10:16 AM Ticket #4450 (Tabs list-style overridden by app framework css) closed by klaus.hartl
fixed: [2520]
10:00 AM Ticket #4413 (Tabs stay fixed in IE6/7 when the rest of the dialog content is ...) closed by klaus.hartl
fixed: [2397]
9:55 AM Ticket #4498 (Many Tabs bug) closed by klaus.hartl
duplicate: #4399
8:53 AM Ticket #4487 (tabs('length'); causes JS error on IE6/7/8) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
invalid: Not reproducible. Please provide a testpage if the issue persists.
8:33 AM Ticket #4511 (ESCAPE key close ALL opened modal dialogs) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #3539.
8:33 AM Ticket #4282 (Droppable changes options object) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Applied in r2517, fixes 14 tests. Thanks for the contribution!
8:32 AM Ticket #4512 (Pressing ESCAPE close all modal dialogs) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #4511.
7:46 AM Ticket #4222 (Add ability to not use icons) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Fixed in r2516.
7:30 AM Ticket #4222 (Add ability to not use icons) reopened by Jörn Zaefferer
7:21 AM Ticket #4520 (Dialog problem with reCaptcha and facebook connect) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
invalid: Please post this on the jquery-ui list: …
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