May 23, 2009:

2:53 PM Ticket #4549 (Accordion and Tab causes multiple "active" tabs) created by mwlang
Using * jquery 1.3.2 * ui 1.7.1 The Accordion is set up to change …

May 22, 2009:

10:31 PM Ticket #4548 ([accordion] "activate:-1" fails in IE) created by ncooley
The accordion method 'activate' does not currently function as …
7:19 AM Ticket #4544 (Modal dialog prevents form submission) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
invalid: Thanks for the update.

May 21, 2009:

11:29 PM Changeset [5f83018]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Richard Worth <rdworth@…>
  • demos/effect/easing.html
  • demos/slider/hotelrooms.html
  • ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-az.js
eol-style and mime-type
10:54 PM Ticket #4547 (IE6: CSS for icon does not work properly) created by srabouin
.ui-accordion .ui-accordion-header .ui-icon { position: absolute; …
2:25 PM Ticket #4546 (Theme roller does not seem to be working) created by compsagnathus
The theme roller on the jquery UI web site does not seem to be …
9:53 AM Ticket #4545 (input fields are non-editable in lower modal dialog) created by kunzu
There are two modal dialogs open one above another. After the upper …

May 20, 2009:

2:23 PM Ticket #4544 (Modal dialog prevents form submission) created by BigBadaboom
I am attempting to use a modal dialog to confirm form submission. …
8:59 AM Ticket #4543 (themeroller download outputs corrupted zip file) created by dpaviani
creating and downloading a new theme using theme roller gives a …

May 19, 2009:

6:48 PM Ticket #4542 (Themroller creating jquery 1.7 themes not 1.7.1 themes some display ...) created by chiplewis
I created a custom theme using the ThemeRoller Dev Tool but when we …
1:14 PM Ticket #4429 (Can't select text in inputs within sortables) reopened by Jörn Zaefferer
Related ticket: #4541
1:14 PM Ticket #4541 (undocumented feature: disableSelection) created by Jörn Zaefferer
See source of sortable demo: http://jqueryui.com/demos/sortable/ It …
5:28 AM Ticket #4540 (Fix bug effect for IE7. In create wrapper function.) created by TaeVjQuery
I create login box id="login-container". Expected result is when user …

May 18, 2009:

4:24 PM Ticket #4539 (Modal Dialog Opening Offscreen After Scrolling Browser Window) created by rustyduckpa
I am using the following code in the onclick event of an anchor to …
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