Aug 22, 2009:

10:17 PM Ticket #3022 (Sortable: Handles outside sorting element do not work) reopened by rdworth
2:23 PM Ticket #4795 (width & height functions caluculate incorrect values) created by psyafter
these functions calculates incorrect values in not ie block: width …
9:58 AM Ticket #3991 (Sortable: Remove absolutePosition from ui hash) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in r3111.
9:56 AM Ticket #4559 (Sortable ui.helper = null when revert is true) closed by paul
invalid: Not a bug - use the beforeStop callback if you need ui.helper.
9:52 AM Ticket #4260 (Jquery UI Docs are wrong about "connectWith") closed by paul
worksforme: I can't confirm this - our own demos actually use this notation and it …
9:48 AM Ticket #4138 (Sortable.serialize('toArray') contain the placeholder item) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in r3110
9:44 AM Ticket #4657 (Update docs, revert supports a number parameter for animation speed) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed!
9:39 AM Ticket #4410 (Super major speed enhancement for sortable with large lists) closed by paul
invalid: Patch isn't working, since this move from mouseCapture to mouseStart …
9:29 AM Ticket #4238 (jQuery "slideToggle" problem with UI's sortable) closed by paul
invalid: This must be a bug with slideToggle. Could you open a bug at …
9:28 AM Ticket #4221 (Sortable Lists deactivate if empty) closed by paul
invalid: This is not a bug. The problem you have is that the actual element the …
9:26 AM Ticket #4165 (Sortables not restoring the orignal Opacity) closed by paul
fixed: This is fixed already in trunk.
8:26 AM Ticket #4570 (Greedy stops propagation of events even if the draggable is not ...) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed it for all constellations, scope accept etc, in r3108 !
8:01 AM Ticket #4697 (droppable area shrinks when animated) closed by paul
wontfix: There are two workarounds: - animate the content within the …
7:49 AM Ticket #4289 (Draggable's "scope" option fails if no droppables currently exist) closed by paul
fixed: fixed in r3107.
7:38 AM Ticket #4502 (Problem dragging to extremes when using draggable on a grid) closed by paul
invalid: The bug is in your test - in fact, it is just one pixel that destroys …
4:25 AM Ticket #4461 (Draggable and droppable not functioning when placed inside a container ...) closed by paul
wontfix: Almost all browsers handle negative z-indexes differently, and all are …
4:10 AM Ticket #4380 (draggable start callback returns undefined ui.offset and ui.position) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in #3106.
3:59 AM Ticket #4365 (Draggable: stack option should be of type 'selector') closed by paul
fixed: Implemented in r3105.
3:46 AM Ticket #4140 (Snap to Grid issues with browser zoom) closed by paul
wontfix: Unfortunately it is impossible to my knowledge to reliably detect the …
3:39 AM Ticket #3876 (create draggable on mousedown) closed by paul
wontfix: It's a change that was needed in jQuery core, so jQuery core simply …
3:22 AM Ticket #4239 (Cannot destroy draggable functionality after drop) closed by paul
fixed: Should be fixed with r3103.

Aug 21, 2009:

10:14 AM Ticket #4550 (Remove ui.draggable immediately after the drop callback still raises ...) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in r3103.

Aug 19, 2009:

12:33 PM Ticket #4793 (Add yearSuffix value for Chinese/Korean) closed by Cloudream
fixed: fixes in r3093
12:31 PM Ticket #4793 (Add yearSuffix value for Chinese/Korean) created by Cloudream
see http://groups.google.com/group/jquery-ui-dev/t/256eaabed9b461c9
10:23 AM Ticket #4792 (Sorting - adding left: top: css propertyes) created by FDisk
I'm using Opera. There is some css bug. After i drag and drop the …
9:14 AM Ticket #4791 (widget._trigger inconsistency) created by Gilles
There is an inconsistency when you call the _trigger function. For …
8:48 AM Ticket #4790 (Datepicker: option regional is undocumented) created by rdworth
There is no documentation for the datepicker option 'regional' or for …

Aug 18, 2009:

10:52 PM Ticket #4789 (add zIndex option to datepicker) created by quaff
when I use datepicker is a dialog,it will under dialog because dialog …
7:28 PM Ticket #4788 (Tabs: ('.selector').tabs) created by met00cigar
Using: <script type="text/javascript" …
3:41 PM Ticket #4787 (Datepicker: fix animation control) created by Jörn Zaefferer
To disable the datepicker show/hide animations, duration:"" has to be …
3:11 PM Ticket #4786 (Sortable accordion: On sort, accordion is activated) created by Jörn Zaefferer
The click/mouseup event of a sort needs to be stopped, so that it …
2:39 PM Ticket #4785 (Add a tabs demo with the tabs at the bottom) reopened by Jörn Zaefferer
Styles need improvements.
2:25 PM Ticket #4785 (Add a tabs demo with the tabs at the bottom) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Fixed in r3081.
2:20 PM Ticket #4785 (Add a tabs demo with the tabs at the bottom) created by Jörn Zaefferer
Template: http://jsbin.com/usuru
9:06 AM Ticket #4784 (Widget factory: Allow multiple option arguments on init) created by Jörn Zaefferer
The widget factory should extended to merge multiple option arguments …

Aug 15, 2009:

12:42 AM Ticket #4783 (datepicker and duplicate ids) created by mbreaton
If a page contains elements with the same id and datepicker is …
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