Oct 16, 2009:

6:46 AM Ticket #3995 (demos sortable items: items have no style in IE6 except a little bit ...) closed by rdworth
fixed: Works for me too. Thanks.
5:43 AM Ticket #4915 (After dragging a draggable, css.right stops working) created by alexandros
I have a div that is marked as draggable. On stop, I change its …
4:16 AM Ticket #4914 (height is not the same for IE and Firefox browesers) created by arytov

Oct 15, 2009:

11:56 AM Ticket #4913 (Add a "widget" method) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Implemeneted in r3365.
11:56 AM Ticket #4913 (Add a "widget" method) created by Jörn Zaefferer
Widgets create wrappers around the selected element, or place new …

Oct 14, 2009:

10:11 AM Ticket #4912 (Site Demos: Left nav doesn't properly handle large text) created by bluecabbie
When a user manually increases the text size on the demo pages, the …
9:06 AM Ticket #4910 (greedy property doesn't work when using .bind syntax) closed by Scott González
worksforme: Events are supposed to propagate; that's one of the main reasons to …
8:28 AM Ticket #4911 (Draggable: Add a refresh method) created by rdworth
Draggable currently has two options for refreshing droppable …
6:44 AM Ticket #4910 (greedy property doesn't work when using .bind syntax) created by iceberg901
Let's say I have a DIV inside of a DIV and both are droppable. I set …
3:16 AM Ticket #4909 (Nested Sortable Serialize) created by menteb
With ticket #4611 the nested sortable came to life again, but the …

Oct 13, 2009:

8:28 AM Ticket #4908 (Support cross-window use of plugins) created by DaveOnCode
One great jQuery's feature is that you can pass a context for a …

Oct 12, 2009:

10:37 AM Ticket #4522 (slider: values option doesn't work for setting, values method does) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in r3364
6:51 AM Ticket #4659 (Allow slider to animate if slider value is set programatically) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in r3361
6:51 AM Ticket #4432 (Allow animation when programmatically changing slider value) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in r3361
6:16 AM Ticket #4907 (Accordion does not display tab contents when contents are a table. IE8) created by sukerman
Accordion does not show contents of the tabs if they are in a table in …

Oct 11, 2009:

9:58 PM Ticket #4906 (jQuery UI widgets leaks memory for dynamic content manipulation) created by ericosta78
jQuery UI widgets leaks memory for dynamic content manipulation …

Oct 9, 2009:

2:13 PM Ticket #4905 (draggable with "clone" and scrolling div offset is off) created by marcucio
I have this test file: http://devel.getitdoneapp.com/drag_problem.php
12:54 PM Ticket #4904 (Sortable: Error "this.helper.0 is null or not an object" when dropping ...) created by rgurganus
In IE6 and IE7: When dragging and dropping a sortable, IE sometimes …
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