Oct 22, 2009:

5:51 PM Ticket #4923 (Pressing Return (keyCode 13) overwrites manually inserted input in ...) created by tobias
This issue was apparently logged and fixed in 1.5.3 (see ticket …

Oct 21, 2009:

9:12 AM Ticket #4918 (undefined error because of UI's droppable) closed by Scott González
invalid: Bugs in .offset() belong in jQuery's bug tracker.

Oct 20, 2009:

9:44 AM Ticket #4922 (window.location.reload() doesn't work in dialog's close callback when ...) created by bohdan.ganicky
code: […] expected behavior: * when I press ESC on …
6:45 AM Ticket #4921 (datepicker can't be clone propertily) created by pokerwen
i have a input linked to datepicker in my demo. i can't clone the …

Oct 19, 2009:

3:41 PM Ticket #4920 (Sortable works incorrect if contains divs with style "float") created by dzuchara
My sortable consists of DIVs, that consists of DIVs, that have "float: …
10:11 AM Ticket #4919 (Embedded media runs in inactive tabs in Google Chrome) created by Jason
I have an embedded media player in one of my tabs. Works fine except …
4:30 AM Ticket #4918 (undefined error because of UI's droppable) created by nicolas
Hi, we are currently having somewhat of a big issue when using UI's …
3:40 AM Ticket #4917 (Enter key press on popup fails if _dayOverClass td is after ...) created by julian.jelfs
If using the keyboard to select a date from the popup, you navigate …

Oct 17, 2009:

7:46 AM Ticket #4916 (Tabs broken in jQuery 1.4pre due to changes in $.data(elem)) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in #3367
7:45 AM Ticket #4916 (Tabs broken in jQuery 1.4pre due to changes in $.data(elem)) created by jollytoad
See …

Oct 16, 2009:

6:46 AM Ticket #3995 (demos sortable items: items have no style in IE6 except a little bit ...) closed by rdworth
fixed: Works for me too. Thanks.
5:43 AM Ticket #4915 (After dragging a draggable, css.right stops working) created by alexandros
I have a div that is marked as draggable. On stop, I change its …
4:16 AM Ticket #4914 (height is not the same for IE and Firefox browesers) created by arytov

Oct 15, 2009:

11:56 AM Ticket #4913 (Add a "widget" method) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Implemeneted in r3365.
11:56 AM Ticket #4913 (Add a "widget" method) created by Jörn Zaefferer
Widgets create wrappers around the selected element, or place new …
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