Dec 1, 2009:

7:34 PM Ticket #4704 (Datepicker global variable isn't unique) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3486.
12:17 PM Ticket #4987 (Add bosnian language to DatePicker) created by kenci
Please add the bosnian language to the JUI DatePicker plugin /* …
10:12 AM Ticket #4986 (Draggable disable text selection of input) created by btlagutoli
Hello friends, I identified a problem in the class ui-draggable.js, …

Nov 30, 2009:

8:40 PM Ticket #4927 (Date Pick Restrictions) closed by kbwood
worksforme: This is already available by using the beforeShowDay setting. There's …
8:37 PM Ticket #4775 (Datepicker "yearRange" option should allow Absolute/Relative Range Mixture) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3485.
8:31 PM Ticket #4870 (yearRange doesn't work as expected) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3485. Year range now has three formats: 'c-n:c+n' for years …
7:40 PM Ticket #4985 (Resizable: float: right issues with position: static or position: ...) created by devinrayolsen
Seems to be an issue with non positioned or relative positioned …

Nov 29, 2009:

7:47 PM Ticket #4866 (showWeek goes to 53 for subsequent year) closed by kbwood
wontfix: This is correct. The week of the year is calculated based on the first …
7:39 PM Ticket #4755 (Default date goes to 1900 instead of 2000) closed by kbwood
7:38 PM Ticket #4481 (beforeShowDay breaks dialog when element is inline) closed by kbwood
wontfix: The problem appears to be that the callback function cannot access the …
7:32 PM Ticket #4984 (Closable tabs) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #3924.
7:12 PM Ticket #4923 (Pressing Return (keyCode 13) overwrites manually inserted input in ...) closed by kbwood
worksforme: Unable to duplicate the problem. I note that the date given is not in …
7:03 PM Ticket #4885 (Tab key should not have default behaviour prevented by datepicker) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3483.
5:57 PM Ticket #4787 (Datepicker: fix animation control) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3482. showAnim of anything falsy now indicates immediate …

Nov 28, 2009:

10:07 AM Ticket #4984 (Closable tabs) created by gwinyam
I think it's very important to could add a small "x" on a tab to …

Nov 27, 2009:

6:25 PM Ticket #4983 (font-family shouldn't be in the css generated) closed by Scott González
invalid: This is configurable in themeroller. If you don't want those rules …
2:54 PM Ticket #4983 (font-family shouldn't be in the css generated) created by marcandre
I believe that I shouldn't see font-family anywhere in the CSS …
1:01 PM Ticket #4976 (Switch between tabs w/o AJAX, without in-page divs, but with plain old ...) closed by Scott González
worksforme: You can already set which tab to open when the page loads. I don't see …
12:59 PM Ticket #4982 (Week end config) created by geniusgroup
In current datepicker it enforces the css class …
9:40 AM Ticket #4981 (Draggable: when using clone helper, the "ui" element in the drop event ...) created by elfkid
[…] run above code drag 3 img element then click on clone img …
1:18 AM Ticket #4956 (undefined variable: lookAhead()) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3481.
1:09 AM Ticket #4969 (Datepicker cannot change values of fields named with special characters) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3480.

Nov 26, 2009:

7:26 AM Ticket #4980 (Dialog: Destroy should place element back in original DOM position) created by acimeha
hi there, dialog destroy should place the dialog back to the place in …

Nov 25, 2009:

9:19 PM Ticket #4973 (Build fails on non-Windows OS) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in r3479. Thanks.
7:14 AM Ticket #4979 (overlapping control with z-index:9999;) created by madangryscientist
The date picker works fine in all browsers except ie6 when the it pops …
6:22 AM Ticket #4978 (IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry 'madangryscienti-1-query_href' ...) created by madangryscientist
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
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