Dec 9, 2009:

8:48 AM Ticket #4999 (Toggleclass fails in IE8) created by wimvl
Hi, I have an issue with the animated toggleclass function. When it …
7:54 AM Ticket #4998 (Tooltip: Not possible to call show on "self") created by lnostdal
After assigning a tooltip for an element it seems useful to be able to …
6:42 AM Ticket #4997 (No longer possible to start with empty tab then add() elements dynamically.) created by lnostdal
r3421 creates a problem in that it is now no longer possible to start …

Dec 7, 2009:

11:54 PM Ticket #4949 (Double click on next/previous button closes the datepicker) closed by kbwood
fixed: Fixed in r3491.
11:54 PM Changeset [ef0e88c]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Keith Wood <kbwood.au@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.datepicker.js
Datepicker - Fixed #4949 - Double click on next/previous button closes …
11:39 PM Ticket #4996 (datepicker: beforeShowDay class applies to TD and child A overrides it) closed by kbwood
wontfix: You can override the embedded A's styles too (it may need to be …
11:33 PM Ticket #4982 (Week end config) closed by kbwood
wontfix: You can use the beforeShowDay setting to add custom CSS classes to …
7:08 PM Changeset [2b31eafb]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Keith Wood <kbwood.au@…>
  • demos/datepicker/animation.html
  • demos/datepicker/index.html
Dstepicker - Demonstrate opening/closing animations
7:02 PM Ticket #4987 (Add bosnian language to DatePicker) closed by kbwood
fixed: Added in r3489.
7:02 PM Changeset [a53da5a]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Keith Wood <kbwood.au@…>
  • demos/datepicker/localization.html
  • demos/index.html
  • ui/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-bs.js
Datepicker - Fixed #4987 - Add bosnian language to DatePicker
1:52 PM Ticket #4996 (datepicker: beforeShowDay class applies to TD and child A overrides it) created by dmfontz
when applying a class via the beforeShowDay option, the class is …
11:11 AM Ticket #4995 (Dialog: Modal Dialog's overlay dissapears in IE when content is tall.) created by Xar
Hi, First of all, thank you for your great, great library :) I'm …

Dec 6, 2009:

1:01 PM Ticket #4994 (Draggable: Add support for dir="rtl") created by inamjameel
I am using JQuery Drag n drop, tabs, dialog boxes etc in my Stock …

Dec 4, 2009:

6:52 AM Ticket #4993 (ui.sortable option helper (clone) doesn't work) created by flos
$('sth').sortable ({ helper: 'clone' }); seems not to work. There …

Dec 3, 2009:

11:46 PM Ticket #4988 (Rounded Corners) closed by Scott González
invalid: We won't make a decision about which solution our users should use. …
11:42 PM Ticket #4992 (Dialog - Modal - Not Vertically Centering In Viewport) closed by Scott González
worksforme: Please provide a test case.
11:03 PM Ticket #4420 (showMonthAfterYear make calendar disorder) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in r3487. Thanks bhornseth.
11:02 PM Changeset [cc9c8a3]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.datepicker.js
Datepicker: Fixed display of month and year dropdowns when showing …
3:52 PM Ticket #4992 (Dialog - Modal - Not Vertically Centering In Viewport) created by gomerpylevw
I have a simple modal dialog and I am creating/calling it in my …
7:09 AM Ticket #4991 ([PATCH] enhancing simulate.js to accept jquery as drop target) created by dwt
Many tests are much easier written if you can just tell the simulate …
6:38 AM Ticket #4990 (sortable: Small placeholders compute overlap wrong) created by dwt
When using sortables with much smaller drop-targets the computation of …
6:11 AM Ticket #4989 (Refresh problems with Accordion and IE7 not resolved, still remain in 1.7.2) created by robob
I have just seen all the tickets opened and closed on this problem, …
5:11 AM Ticket #4988 (Rounded Corners) created by Frank
Hey, Why isn't the rounded corners issue fixed for ie? If you search …
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