Apr 21, 2010:

5:24 PM Ticket #5535 (ui.tabs not rendering as tabs) created by rabbit419
JQuery UI Tab widget is broken. Tabs appear as a bulleted list of …
3:01 PM Changeset [17f8079]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/categories.html
  • demos/autocomplete/combobox.html
  • demos/autocomplete/custom-data.html
  • demos/autocomplete/default.html
  • demos/autocomplete/folding.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple-remote.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote-jsonp.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote-with-cache.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote.html
Menu: Extracted menu code from autocomplete, updated all dependencies
2:27 PM Ticket #5534 (Calling .button() with icons on a <button> element makes button really wide) created by dlee
Calling .button({icons: {primary: ...}}) on a <button> element in …
2:06 PM Changeset [cfa185d]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/custom-data.html
  • demos/autocomplete/folding.html
  • demos/autocomplete/index.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple-remote.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote-with-cache.html
  • demos/draggable/visual-feedback.html
  • demos/effect/index.html
  • tests/static/menu/all-menus-icons.html
  • tests/unit/accordion/accordion.html
Merge commit '1.8.1' into tooltip
2:00 PM Changeset [19b76a1]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/tooltip/forms.html
  • demos/tooltip/index.html
  • themes/base/jquery.ui.tooltip.css
Tooltip: Remove fixed with from tooltip theme, set in instead in CSS …
12:18 PM Ticket #5414 (Customizing themes: download not working) closed by jdsharp
fixed: This has been resolved
12:16 PM Ticket #5445 (ThemeRoller is not building themes consistently) closed by jdsharp
11:41 AM Ticket #5533 (Position fails when no top value is set for absolute in IE) created by epascarello
If you have an element that is positioned absolutely and you use …
10:13 AM Changeset [49f8c1c6]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Richard D. Worth <rdworth@…>
  • version.txt
Updating the master version to 1.9pre
10:13 AM Milestone 1.8.1 completed
10:13 AM Changeset [469d0c5]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x1.8.1 by Richard D. Worth <rdworth@…>
  • version.txt
Tagging the 1.8.1 release.
10:02 AM Changeset [6a59746]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/folding.html
Autocomplete: Added demo for accent folding. Proof of concept for …
9:57 AM Changeset [32bcf56]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/custom-data.html
Autocomplete: Added custom rendering for custom data demo.
5:01 AM Ticket #5532 (Datepicker i18n: Encoding error in Swiss-French (fr-CH) file) closed by rdworth
fixed: Fixed in …
5:00 AM Changeset [6e77ee1]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Richard D. Worth <rdworth@…>
  • ui/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-fr-CH.js
Fixed #5532 - Datepicker i18n: Encoding error in Swiss-French (fr-CH) file
5:00 AM Ticket #5532 (Datepicker i18n: Encoding error in Swiss-French (fr-CH) file) created by misterakko
From http://forum.jquery.com/topic/corruption-in-jquery-ui-i18n-js

Apr 19, 2010:

6:47 PM Ticket #5531 (dialog width should be at least minWidth on creation) created by zhaoz
Right now, when .dialog() is called, the minWidth is not respected …
3:00 PM Changeset [73adda4]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Richard D. Worth <rdworth@…>
  • tests/unit/tabs/tabs_events.js
  • tests/unit/tabs/tabs_methods.js
added tests for enable/disable
11:31 AM Ticket #5530 (Autocomplete and firing select off menu click) created by mattcowen
Hi, When selecting a menu item on the Autocomplete widget, if the …
10:34 AM Ticket #5529 (Build Your Download - Mouse is missing for Slider) created by Mickael Magniez
To reproduce : * Go to http://jqueryui.com/download * Click on …
9:02 AM Ticket #5528 (Autocomplete: Issue when try to navigate using up key by keyboard in IE6) created by ilyasahmad
We are facing an issue with IE6 when try to navigate using "UP" key …
7:55 AM Ticket #5527 (Datepicker: Problem selecting the date with keyboard shorcuts) created by azran1981
From …
7:20 AM Ticket #5526 (Modal dialog initial focus on first input element not working) created by martybjones@…
I have tested against IE6, IE8, and FF 3.5. The problem seems to …

Apr 18, 2010:

5:21 PM Ticket #5525 (Autocomplete ui-autocomplete-loading class) created by Stewart
The css class ui-autocomplete-loading (which is automatically applied …

Apr 16, 2010:

6:53 PM Ticket #5524 (Tabbing quickly through datepicker-enabled field leaves calendar stuck) created by dlee
When I tab into a datepicker-enabled field, the calendar correctly …
2:24 PM Changeset [970ed9a]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by maggiewachs <maggie@…>
  • build/build.xml
  • demos/autocomplete/combobox.html
  • demos/autocomplete/index.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple-remote.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote-with-cache.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote.html
  • demos/button/splitbutton.html
  • demos/draggable/visual-feedback.html
  • demos/droppable/index.html
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jquery/jquery-ui
12:50 PM Ticket #5523 (Dialog overlay bug for nested dialogs) created by w4x
info: …
11:29 AM Changeset [4ffe0745]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by maggiewachs <maggie@…>
  • tests/static/menu/all-menus-icons.html
Added left icons and CSS to indent menu option text.
5:09 AM Changeset [d1033cc]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/index.html
Autocomplete: Fixed href to multiple-remote dmeo in index
5:05 AM Changeset [dbc9add]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/index.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple-remote.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple.html
  • demos/autocomplete/remote-with-cache.html
  • ui/jquery.ui.autocomplete.js
Autocomplete: Refactored code for array filtering into …
2:42 AM Ticket #5522 (Wrong date format for polish regional) created by fizyk
Date format for polish regional for datepicker is set currently as …

Apr 15, 2010:

6:12 PM Ticket #5521 (ui.sender not correct durring connected drags) created by TrailTrackers
When dragging across multiple sortable elements during one drag event, …
12:37 PM Ticket #5520 (Tabs: Bottom border disappears in IE) created by jihohan
This was fine in 1.7.2 but it seems to be broken in 1.8. When the …
9:31 AM Changeset [cddf2a4]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple.html
Autocomplete: code improvements for multiple demo
4:43 AM Changeset [5c55462a]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/autocomplete/index.html
  • demos/autocomplete/multiple.html
Autocomplete: multiple demo added
3:45 AM Changeset [84e0ce1]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/index.html
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip.html
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip_core.js
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip_defaults.js
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip_events.js
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip_methods.js
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip_options.js
  • tests/unit/tooltip/tooltip_tickets.js
  • ui/jquery.ui.tooltip.js
Tooltip: Unit tests for tooltip and a fix to pass through event …
3:13 AM Ticket #5519 (Click on handler throws the "change" event) created by hidden80
When clicking on the handler, a "change" event is thrown. I think …

Apr 14, 2010:

7:15 PM Ticket #5518 (Button: Incorrect state after double click in Firefox) created by eason
Normally a check box is supposed to be single clicked only. When …
2:19 PM Changeset [baa36784]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/core/core.html
  • tests/unit/datepicker/datepicker.html
  • tests/unit/dialog/dialog.html
  • tests/unit/tabs/tabs.html
Unit tests: Disable stale widget tests on testswarm
1:02 PM Changeset [9e8e339]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/droppable/droppable.html
  • tests/unit/resizable/resizable.html
  • tests/unit/selectable/selectable.html
  • tests/unit/sortable/sortable.html
Unit tests: Disable stale interaction tests only on testswarm, but …
12:53 PM Changeset [65c2255]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/draggable/draggable.html
Unit tests: Try to disable tests only for testswarm; if this works, …
8:27 AM Ticket #5513 (Draggable/Stackable Demo broken and docs need to be updated) closed by rdworth
fixed: Demo fixed in …
8:19 AM Changeset [36cb3f7d]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Richard D. Worth <rdworth@…>
  • demos/draggable/visual-feedback.html
Draggable demo: visual feedback - use draggable option stack selector. …
3:17 AM Changeset [7adf7a9d]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-8-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/position/position_core.js
Position unit tests: Add module for testswarm to run all tests
3:15 AM Changeset [acfc66e1]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/position/position_core.js
Revert "Position unit tests: Add module for testswarm to run all …
12:04 AM Ticket #5517 (Selecting a non-existent tab selects the last tab) created by dmuir
When you select a non-existent tab programatically: […] In 1.7, it …
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