Apr 23, 2011:

11:36 AM Changeset [6326da3]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.menu.js
Menu: Add ui-state-active to parent item when submenu item receives focus.
11:35 AM Changeset [f7d2fdb]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.js
removed unbind for focusin and focusout
11:31 AM Changeset [54795b5]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.js
change self.open to this.open

Apr 22, 2011:

5:14 PM Changeset [84f918a]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.menu.js
Fix collapsing submenus issue
5:11 PM Changeset [42e11d8]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.js
Fix error for Escape key on menubar item
2:22 PM Changeset [dc7410f5]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.menu.js
Prevent branch menuitems from firing select event
2:22 PM Changeset [45c418d]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.js
Added focusin & focusout handler for menubar

Apr 21, 2011:

8:30 PM Ticket #7276 (ui not being passed to autocomplete.open) created by jostster
There is a similar bug that was closed for this as "worksforme" …
2:29 PM Changeset [4955699]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by maggiewachs <maggie@…>
  • themes/base/jquery.ui.menu.css
Set menu item link top padding to px (in place of em); this fixes the …
11:30 AM Changeset [5a5ce51]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by maggiewachs <maggie@…>
  • themes/base/jquery.ui.menu.css
Removed duplicate selector reference
8:30 AM Changeset [3bb9ab2]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/tooltip/custom-animation.html
  • ui/jquery.ui.tooltip.js
  • ui/jquery.ui.widget.js
Tooltip: Add support for delaying showing/hiding. Still need to figure …

Apr 20, 2011:

4:43 PM Ticket #7275 ($.effects.animateClass broken in jQuery 1.6) created by danheberden
The effects work, but any of the animateClass methods (addClass, …
2:15 PM Changeset [03132f9]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.html
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.js
Fix menubar escape key + minor css fix
12:03 PM Changeset [bdfc6d53]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Trey Hunner <treyhunner@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.autocomplete.js
Autocomplete: Fix list traversal bug. Fixes #7269 - autocomplete: …
11:19 AM Changeset [7f4619a]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/static/menu/all-menus-icons.html
  • tests/static/menu/default.html
Menu: Drop statis test pages. default was outdated, icons is replaced …
11:18 AM Changeset [34e3a24]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menu.html
  • themes/base/jquery.ui.menu.css
  • ui/jquery.ui.menu.js
Menu: Add icons support
9:46 AM Ticket #7274 (Combobox example expanded to make interaction more like other comboboxes) created by BigBlueHat
I've added a few features to the combobox code example given in the …
9:35 AM Changeset [f0d5a00]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.menu.js
Menu: Make keyboard focus matching take submenus into account
12:28 AM Ticket #7273 (Table header style on datepicker collision) created by lschreur
I noticed a problem where the ui-datepicker style was inheriting a …

Apr 19, 2011:

11:56 PM Ticket #7272 (Combobox demo: XSS vulnerability) created by plentz
The values of the select options should be treated as text, not html.
5:39 PM Changeset [b1c8a13a]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Mark Johnson <virgofx@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.draggable.js
Draggable: Modified the iframe shims to load prior to dragging. Fixed …
4:11 PM Ticket #7271 (Resizable: Resizing horizontally with helper causes a vertical resize ...) created by Bluff
With reference to the demo here: http://jsfiddle.net/4kUGX/1/
2:02 PM Ticket #7270 (JQuery UI Draggable IFrameFix) created by VIRGOFX
The JQuery UI Draggable has a problem when using the options …
1:21 PM Ticket #7269 (Holding down arrow keys in autocomplete box does not move through list) created by trey
Holding down the up or down arrow in an autocomplete box in Opera …

Apr 18, 2011:

5:05 PM Changeset [d77185a5]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Hans Hillen <hans.hillen@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.html
  • tests/visual/menu/menubar.js
  • ui/jquery.ui.menu.js
Fix "menubar does not collapse when clicking on other menubar" + minor …
11:07 AM Changeset [5076f233]1-10-stable1-11-stable1-9-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by jzaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/visual/menu/popup.js
Close popup when blurred and make sure that shift-tab when popup is …
10:04 AM Ticket #7268 (Cursor not moves in SAFARI Browser.) created by prish
It gives me search result perfect but cursor not move after the …
8:45 AM Ticket #7267 (DatePicker in maxDate use 23;59:59:999) created by aruizna
In the internal _getMinMaxDate I performed this function, this detect …
5:23 AM Ticket #7266 (datepicker taborder - focus problem internet explorer) created by lankarden
I've got a test case in jsFiddle to show the problem: …

Apr 17, 2011:

6:55 PM Ticket #7265 (Autocomplete: Single Qoute's not searchable) created by michael@…
http://jqueryui.com/demos/autocomplete/#remote Any results that …
4:34 PM Ticket #7264 (Spinner returns values beyond min and max, off by one) created by ryanneufeld
See: http://jsfiddle.net/ryanneufeld/m57gP/ When using the spinner if …
12:11 PM Ticket #7263 (Wrong position when draggable element or it's parent has transformations) created by Syndikaattori
When element or it's parent has transforms, eg. rotate or scale, the …

Apr 16, 2011:

2:58 PM Ticket #7262 (Webkit bug: sortable table cells do not return into the right ...) created by krasu-desu
WebKit doesn't return cells into the right positions after sorting If …
5:57 AM Ticket #7261 (Refresh scope in formResetHandler unintentionally wide) created by jgarber
When I reset a form that has UI buttons, the reset.button event …
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