Sep 22, 2012:

11:26 PM Ticket #8593 (Datepicker cannot be re-opened by clicking on the text field after ...) created by glthomas224
I am re-posting this bug because I believe that it was closed in haste …
3:28 PM Ticket #8592 (Datepicker disappears upon scroll) closed by Scott González
invalid: The datepicker should not stay open while the user scrolls.
8:55 AM Ticket #8592 (Datepicker disappears upon scroll) created by glthomas224
This bug is very easy to reproduce. Simply go to the jquery example …

Sep 21, 2012:

4:16 PM Ticket #8591 (Select other handle when dragging one past the other (2 handles)) created by mts7
The current functionality prevents one handle from moving past the …
4:07 PM Ticket #8590 (drop panel width equals input width in IE9) created by kencl
The drop panel's width is is the same as the input field's width in …
3:34 PM Ticket #8589 (Position breaks when using window as centering parent in zoomed viewports) created by jchambers
When using ui.position to position an element using window as the …

Sep 20, 2012:

7:26 PM Ticket #8588 (Draggable constraint breaking on some browsers when used with resizable) created by Myndale
The example provided below displays a blue draggable and resizeable …
3:26 PM Ticket #5769 (Demos: Adding 'Edit on jsbin' links) closed by Corey Frang
invalid: Moved issue to jqueryui.com content repo - Please post further …
4:10 AM Ticket #8587 (button keeps hover state in firefox) created by sfornengo
see http://jsfiddle.net/nrYVk/ no problem in chromium

Sep 19, 2012:

11:22 AM Ticket #8586 (core error in ie7,8) closed by Scott González
invalid: This is not a jQuery UI bug. Please report the bug on …
11:19 AM Ticket #8586 (core error in ie7,8) created by geschaft
jQuery.fn.extend({ ... ... append: function() { return …
9:17 AM Ticket #8585 (Sortable broken in absolutely positioned div with bottom 0 when using ...) created by gabaum10
I am seeing some strange behavior with Jquery 1.8 with Jquery UI …

Sep 18, 2012:

10:23 AM Ticket #8584 (auto complete render item prolem if apply to multi element) created by deng.hui5
the following sample code doesn't render as expected […]
5:24 AM Ticket #8583 (Dialog: Mouse event wrongly stopped) created by drakes
I am using slick grid within a dialog. I ran into the following …

Sep 17, 2012:

5:35 PM Ticket #8582 (Combobox doesnt triggers change event on focus lost) closed by Scott González
invalid: Because the value hasn't changed.
5:34 PM Ticket #8582 (Combobox doesnt triggers change event on focus lost) created by amproy
when completing manually - some existing value - change event wont …

Sep 16, 2012:

2:27 PM Ticket #8580 (in Chrome, resizable() does not work for elements with an absolute position) closed by Scott González
duplicate: I assume that by "elements with an absolute position" you actually …

Sep 15, 2012:

9:31 PM Ticket #8581 (Combobox doesn't allow source to be set after creation (fix)) closed by Scott González
invalid: Combobox is just a demo, it is not a full supported widget.
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