Nov 29, 2013:

3:04 PM Ticket #9686 (Resizeable UI causes page reload) created by emmett
I am using the jQuery UI resizeable on a page and I find that the page …
8:12 AM Ticket #9685 (draggable goes out of containment, a few pixels in each drag) created by fejesjoco
Please look at this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/e2yfC/255/ Drag the …
3:00 AM Ticket #9684 (On body:overflow:auto, Chrome scrolls down automatically for long ...) created by muisit
When the body overflow style is set to 'auto', Chrome seems to scroll …

Nov 28, 2013:

10:34 AM Ticket #9683 (Themeroller does not produce a working theme) closed by Scott González
notabug: > I copy the contents of the css/smoothness/images folder into my …
10:20 AM Ticket #9683 (Themeroller does not produce a working theme) created by proalias
http://bugs.jqueryui.com/ticket/5099 I am having the same issue as …
9:19 AM Ticket #9682 (JQury ui 1.10.3 Memory leak with ie7) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #4188.
8:47 AM Ticket #9682 (JQury ui 1.10.3 Memory leak with ie7) created by rbmanian75
[…] Please try this in IE7 and keep refreshing the page and memory …

Nov 27, 2013:

1:55 PM Ticket #9681 (Datepicker: showWeek + multiple months can display label for week that ...) created by gtournie
$('#datepicker').datepicker({ showWeek: true, numberOfMonths: 2, …
1:49 PM Changeset [77bf202]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by TJ VanToll <tj.vantoll@…>
  • Gruntfile.js
  • build/tasks/testswarm.js
  • demos/index.html
  • demos/selectmenu/custom_render.html
  • demos/selectmenu/default.html
  • demos/selectmenu/images/24-podcast-square.png
  • demos/selectmenu/images/24-rss-square.png
  • demos/selectmenu/images/24-video-square.png
  • demos/selectmenu/index.html
  • tests/unit/selectmenu/all.html
Merge branch 'selectmenu'
10:53 AM Ticket #9680 (position.collision 'flip' does not work with autocomplete) created by romario333
I set autocomplete's position collision option to 'flip'. It is not …
10:11 AM Ticket #9679 (Sortable: Collision detection off when items use float: right) created by tristanchambers
Placing objects is very difficult and requires much mouse waving to …
5:32 AM Ticket #9677 (Overlapping menu issue) created by Sebastien_TraceParts
Hi, Great tools you have made. I have encountered an issue using …

Nov 26, 2013:

9:27 AM Changeset [be9f2c1]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by TJ VanToll <tj.vantoll@…>
  • README.md
README: Update build instructions to use concat tasks (instead of build)

Nov 25, 2013:

6:56 PM Changeset [a9b18bc]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Felix Nagel <info@…>
  • ui/jquery.ui.selectmenu.js
Selectmenu: add 1px to menu width to avoid wrapping long text in IE10
6:32 PM Changeset [32b0936]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Felix Nagel <info@…>
  • demos/selectmenu/custom_render.html
Selectmenu: remove link element and adjust styles in custom renderer demo
6:18 PM Changeset [5bc7fc2]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Felix Nagel <info@…>
  • .jscs.json
  • Gruntfile.js
  • demos/autocomplete/categories.html
  • demos/dialog/modal-confirmation.html
  • demos/selectmenu/custom_render.html
  • demos/selectmenu/default.html
  • demos/selectmenu/index.html
  • demos/spinner/latlong.html
  • demos/tabs/manipulation.html
  • demos/tooltip/video-player.html
Merge branch 'selectmenu' of github.com:jquery/jquery-ui into selectmenu
2:30 PM Ticket #9675 (Draggable: Animation issue with revert and connectToSortable) created by tapapax
Hi! I've got some issue with draggable, which is connected with …
10:25 AM Changeset [6d7a614]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/datepicker/datepicker_options.js
Datepicker tests: Allow IE7 to return an absolute URL in the …
9:53 AM Changeset [63026bd]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/button/button_core.js
Button unit tests: Make sure the test timeout runs after the …
8:29 AM Changeset [9a5f20b]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/dialog/modal-confirmation.html
  • demos/spinner/latlong.html
  • demos/tabs/manipulation.html
  • demos/tooltip/video-player.html
  • demos/widget/default.html
  • external/jshint.js
  • tests/.jshintrc
  • tests/index.html
  • tests/unit/dialog/dialog_core.js
  • tests/unit/menu/menu.html
Merge branch 'master' into selectmenu
8:24 AM Changeset [1bc5d087]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/selectmenu/custom_render.html
  • demos/selectmenu/default.html
  • demos/selectmenu/index.html
Demos: Add meta-viewport element for better 'mobile' testing

Nov 22, 2013:

11:43 AM Changeset [8eeb0e7]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • tests/unit/testsuite.js
Tests: Skip JSHint in browsers that don't support …
10:49 AM Changeset [161d7ee]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • tests/index.html
Tests: Updated URL for TestSwarm.
10:49 AM Changeset [d186deb]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • tests/index.html
Tests: Fixed path to theme files in index.
10:07 AM Changeset [8f3454f]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • external/jshint.js
Upgrade to JSHint 2.3.0 for browser version.
9:54 AM Changeset [f848ae3]1-11-stabledatepickerinteractionsspinner-globalize-1.x by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • tests/.jshintrc
  • ui/.jshintrc
Build: Include es3 option for JSHint.
5:53 AM Ticket #9674 ((resizable) alsoResize will also resize height when you only have a ...) created by rene___
Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. Scenario: a data …
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