Nov 20, 2014:

12:34 PM Ticket #10702 (Tabs thinking my content is remote) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #7822.
10:55 AM Ticket #10703 (Accordion: aria-expanded not set to false when collapsing expanded tab) created by keith.abramo
Currently, if you have an accordion tab expanded and you click on that …
9:43 AM Ticket #10702 (Tabs thinking my content is remote) created by JulienNauroy
Hi, Since JQueryUI 1.9 I think, Tabs behave as if my content is …
9:36 AM Ticket #10701 (DIalog: selecting text programmatically in IE is impossible in modals) created by Simen Bekkhus
Bad title... We have a copy to clipboard dialog, that marks the text …

Nov 18, 2014:

1:47 PM Ticket #10605 (Consolidate show/hide functionality for effects) closed by mikesherov
notabug: I got around to doing this in the effects rewrite. so closing this as …
12:14 PM Ticket #8157 (Animation: Prevent numeric values from becoming negative) closed by mikesherov
wontfix: I'm going to close this as WONTFIX for now. IE9 is the last browser …
11:26 AM Ticket #6781 (Effects: New jQuery-ui effects.text) closed by mikesherov
wontfix: We decided a few months back that we would not be pursuing new …
10:24 AM Ticket #10693 (Dialog demos broken by theme and demos updates) closed by Alexander Schmitz
fixed: Dialog: Updating demo style based on changes to theme and demo CSS …
9:59 AM Ticket #10700 (date picker) created by jkjr
Using IE11 date Picker on this site demo and numerous commercial …

Nov 17, 2014:

11:21 PM Ticket #9385 (Effects: Blind effect animation issues in IE9 / IE10) closed by mikesherov
cantfix: This is fixed in IE11, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do …
10:45 PM Ticket #6177 (Effects won't animate if there's a > selector) closed by mikesherov
fixed: This was fixed somewhere in the jQuery UI 1.9 series

Nov 15, 2014:

2:22 PM Ticket #10699 (JQuery UI tab : form not able to POST forms inputs to server) closed by Scott González
notabug: Anchors are not forms. Please ask for help on Stack Overflow or the forums.
11:12 AM Ticket #10699 (JQuery UI tab : form not able to POST forms inputs to server) created by sanju_d
Hi, I am using Jquery UI tab ( version 1.10.2) and one of the tabs …

Nov 14, 2014:

12:21 PM Ticket #10698 (DatePicker - var instActive is null) closed by tj.vantoll
notabug: Please use the forums, #jquery on IRC, or Stack Overflow for support.
12:01 PM Ticket #10698 (DatePicker - var instActive is null) created by lwn
Line 10058 of 'jquery-ui-1.8.17.custom.js' throws because the inline …
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