Oct 3, 2015:

8:45 AM Ticket #14645 (Sortable: Elements are not considered :active while sorting in Firefox) created by roko
Bug appear in Firefox browser. Not in Chrome nor IE. (Didn't test …

Oct 2, 2015:

9:36 AM Ticket #14639 (IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results) created by Simen Bekkhus
Can be reproduced on the official examples: …

Oct 1, 2015:

12:53 PM Ticket #14634 (Sortable: Uncaught HierarchyRequestError) created by cmruser
I try to make sortable nested containers but I have an issue with the …
11:40 AM Ticket #14627 (Tabs: In sortable tabs demo, the tabs do not receive focus on click) reopened by Scott González
A much more accurate description of the problem then is that tabs do …
6:13 AM Changeset [7f3bb4d]datepicker by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • tests/unit/datepicker/core.js
  • tests/unit/effects/core.js
Tests: Fix jshint includes for datepicker and effects

Sep 30, 2015:

12:24 PM Ticket #11101 (jQuery UI on npm) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Release: Publish to npm Fixes #11101 Changeset: …
12:23 PM Changeset [ab0bb87]datepicker by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • build/release.js
Release: Publish to npm Fixes #11101
11:55 AM Changeset [b698f80]datepicker by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • Gruntfile.js
  • demos/bootstrap.js
  • tests/visual/accordion/icons.html
  • tests/visual/addClass/queue.html
  • tests/visual/button/button.html
  • tests/visual/button/performance.html
  • tests/visual/compound/accordion_tabs.html
  • tests/visual/compound/datepicker_dialog.html
  • tests/visual/compound/dialog_widgets.html
  • tests/visual/compound/draggable_accordion.html
Tests: Use demo bootstrap for visual tests Adds a data-composite …
11:42 AM Ticket #14633 (Button: Remove back compat for checkboxradio and controlgroup) created by Scott González
See #14746
11:07 AM Changeset [c02f599]datepicker by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/tooltip/forms.html
Tooltip: Turn of collision detection on forms demo for mobile …
11:07 AM Changeset [5cbb419]datepicker by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • demos/accordion/collapsible.html
  • demos/accordion/custom-icons.html
  • demos/accordion/default.html
  • demos/accordion/fillspace.html
  • demos/accordion/no-auto-height.html
  • demos/accordion/sortable.html
  • demos/autocomplete/categories.html
  • demos/autocomplete/combobox.html
  • demos/autocomplete/custom-data.html
  • demos/autocomplete/default.html
Demos: Add device-width viewport meta to all demos Ref …

Sep 29, 2015:

12:48 PM Changeset [d302596]datepicker by Scott González <scott.gonzalez@…>
  • tests/unit/core/core.html
  • tests/unit/core/selector.js
  • ui/focusable.js
Focusable: Fix handling of visibility: inherit Ref #14596 Ref …

Sep 28, 2015:

12:13 PM Ticket #14627 (Tabs: In sortable tabs demo, the tabs do not receive focus on click) closed by Scott González
worksforme: I'm not seeing that. I do see that if you sort the currently focused …

Sep 27, 2015:

3:52 PM Ticket #14627 (Tabs: In sortable tabs demo, the tabs do not receive focus on click) created by cbowen84
Adding either sortable or draggable to a tabs widget disables the …
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