Oct 3, 2015:

8:45 AM Ticket #14645 (Sortable: Elements are not considered :active while sorting in Firefox) created by roko
Bug appear in Firefox browser. Not in Chrome nor IE. (Didn't test …

Oct 2, 2015:

9:36 AM Ticket #14639 (IE: Scrollbar on mouseover in autocomplete results) created by Simen Bekkhus
Can be reproduced on the official examples: …

Oct 1, 2015:

12:53 PM Ticket #14634 (Sortable: Uncaught HierarchyRequestError) created by cmruser
I try to make sortable nested containers but I have an issue with the …
11:40 AM Ticket #14627 (Tabs: In sortable tabs demo, the tabs do not receive focus on click) reopened by Scott González
A much more accurate description of the problem then is that tabs do …

Sep 30, 2015:

12:24 PM Ticket #11101 (jQuery UI on npm) closed by Jörn Zaefferer
fixed: Release: Publish to npm Fixes #11101 Changeset: …
11:42 AM Ticket #14633 (Button: Remove back compat for checkboxradio and controlgroup) created by Scott González
See #14746
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