Oct 21, 2015:

7:48 AM Ticket #14734 (sortable's cancel method not working with connectToSortable option) created by tj
I have a sortable which is connected to draggable items using …

Oct 19, 2015:

10:06 AM Ticket #14733 (Extended widget selector (:namespace-widgetname) does not work as expected) closed by Scott González
notabug: That's expected behavior. This is more like typeof than instanceof.
6:53 AM Ticket #14733 (Extended widget selector (:namespace-widgetname) does not work as expected) created by xoffshore
Well, I'm not sure this is a bug. I'm not able to check for parent …
12:13 AM Ticket #14732 (Sortable scroll reverse when pulling an sortable item down only on Chrome) created by mehrdadab
I have created a list of items as sortable, it works fine but on …

Oct 18, 2015:

2:23 PM Ticket #10818 (Mouse stops propagation of events to window) closed by Hannah Methvin
fixed: Mouse: Don't stop propagation of mouseup Fixes #10818 Changeset: …
5:26 AM Ticket #14731 (XSS Vulnerability on _attachDatepicker function) closed by Scott González
worksforme: None of these versions are supported any more. Any site using such an …
3:24 AM Ticket #14731 (XSS Vulnerability on _attachDatepicker function) created by phatly27
VULNERABILITY DETAILS A potential bug enables us to inject the …

Oct 17, 2015:

5:02 PM Ticket #10686 (Dialog: Focus restore on dialog close can cause unwanted scrolling) closed by hmethvin
notabug: Closing based on prior discussion.
4:15 PM Ticket #14682 (High CPU Usage on chrome/mac because of tooltips) closed by Mani Mishra
fixed: Tooltip: Use show.delay update only when track option is active Fixes …

Oct 16, 2015:

10:30 AM Ticket #11113 (Resizable: with helper, dragging horizontally or vertically only ...) closed by Scott González
fixed: Resizable: Remove mysterious helper dimension adjustments Fixes …

Oct 15, 2015:

10:18 AM Ticket #6642 (Interactions prevent focus movement) closed by Scott González
fixed: Closing as fixed in 1.9.0. The tickets for the individual widgets are …
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