Mar 21, 2016:

7:48 PM Ticket #14940 (Large draggable with 'tabindex=0' will scoll on click) closed by Scott González
notabug: We can't control what the browser does on focus. It's also pretty bad …
3:45 PM Ticket #14940 (Large draggable with 'tabindex=0' will scoll on click) created by Martin Wendt
Not sure if it is a bug, but if a draggable element is larger than the …
1:58 PM Ticket #14939 (Checkboxradio breaks with some default settings) created by Anne-Gaelle Colom
If you set a group of radio buttons as checkboxradio widgets with the …

Mar 17, 2016:

7:41 PM Ticket #14936 (NPM missing translation files) closed by Scott González
worksforme: I'm assuming you didn't specify a version, so you got an old version …
7:38 PM Ticket #14937 (Jquery UI dialog vs datepicker) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #9125.
10:25 AM Ticket #14938 (Firefox: The alignment of text and icon of the selectmenu is not correct.) created by test
Tested on * Win 7/OSX 10.10 and Firefox 45 * jQuery UI: 1.12.0-rc.1 …
9:45 AM Ticket #14937 (Jquery UI dialog vs datepicker) created by Eugene Maslovich
Hi. I have the following code http://pastebin.com/raw/CZd3FsPm. We are …

Mar 16, 2016:

1:14 PM Ticket #14936 (NPM missing translation files) created by xorock
Hello. NPM repository under https://www.npmjs.com/package/jquery-ui

Mar 15, 2016:

3:49 PM Ticket #14935 (Selectmenu: Issue with scrollbar when select menu is created with pre ...) created by formydev
When a jquery select menu (with many select options i.e. with a scroll …
10:12 AM Ticket #14477 (Support of base text direction in JQuery widgets) reopened by Scott González
Reopening for further discussion.
10:12 AM Ticket #11053 (Investigate performance of querying text direction per widget) closed by Scott González
fixed: We don't need to query the DOM like this, we can just use `.css( …
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