Jul 4, 2016:

3:14 PM Ticket #14996 (Button set checked property not set on the highlighted radio input in ...) created by Louis-Philippe Perras
The issue can be reproduced with many versions of Firefox but I did my …

Jul 3, 2016:

9:35 AM Ticket #14994 (Please move issue tracking to GitHub) closed by Scott González
9:35 AM Ticket #14995 (Still using long deprecated jQuery features) closed by Scott González
notabug: Of course it would be impossible for a version of jQuery UI that was …
8:10 AM Ticket #14995 (Still using long deprecated jQuery features) created by teo1978
1.11.4 is supposed to be the latest stable version, at least according …
8:00 AM Ticket #14994 (Please move issue tracking to GitHub) created by teo1978
I can't believe you are still using shitty Trac. For god's sake, move …

Jul 1, 2016:

4:52 PM Ticket #14993 (Draggable prevents pinch zoom on Windows 10 touch in Chrome/Edge) created by ecsl-pearson
On Windows 10 machine with touch screen using Edge or a Chromium …

Jun 30, 2016:

11:18 AM Ticket #14992 (Replace $.isArray() with Array.isArray()) created by Scott González
Hooray for dropping old browsers.
11:17 AM Ticket #14991 (Replace $.ui.escapeSelector with $.escapeSelector) created by Scott González
http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.escapeSelector/ We should add a …

Jun 27, 2016:

6:22 PM Ticket #14987 (buttonset does not change input value but changes visual state when ...) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #10726.
6:10 PM Ticket #11199 (Selectmenu throws error after datepicker selected in different ...) reopened by Scott González
4:53 PM Ticket #14990 (Spinner uses step of 0 when step is 1e-7 or less) created by pmize3
The spinner's _precisionOf function fails to properly return the …
4:03 AM Ticket #14989 (Droppable and container with `overflow:hidden` accept drop where it ...) created by charles bourasseau
Scenario: The element which accepts draggable is inside a container …
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