Apr 17, 2017:

10:13 PM Ticket #15170 (Helper/Item Intersection checking should not occur if the helper is ...) created by A. Wells
It appears that the code that kicks off helper and item intersection …
9:59 PM Ticket #15169 (Scrolling of a sortable container should stop on helper exit) created by A. Wells
When a helper is dragged completely outside of a sortable container, …
9:56 PM Ticket #15168 (Incorrect ScrollParent is chosen when helper is not a child of the ...) created by A. Wells
The scroll parent should be taken from the placeholder and not the …
9:49 PM Ticket #15167 (Sortable appendTo behavior doesn't match documentation) created by A. Wells
The stated documentation for the ui.sortable appendTo option indicates …
9:30 PM Ticket #15166 (Helper/Item Overlap Detection Out of Alignment After Scroll) created by A. Wells
After a sortable container is scrolled via helper drag activity, …
9:18 PM Ticket #15165 (Create _scroll extension point in sortable) created by A. Wells
The ability to extend scroll based functionality in ui.sortable
4:28 PM Ticket #9796 (Autocomplete: Search triggered on initialization if input contains an ...) closed by Scott González
wontfix: This doesn't seem to affect Edge and we don't have a fix for IE, so …
4:04 PM Ticket #9697 (Autocomplete problem with CJK IME) closed by Scott González
wontfix: IME on the web is pretty painful. I don't think we can properly handle …
3:57 PM Ticket #4579 (Sortable: Connected sortables with helpers overrides style sheet ...) closed by Scott González
notabug: This is a jQuery Core bug, not a jQuery UI bug. As of jQuery 3.0.0, …
3:52 PM Ticket #14822 (Draggable helper position gradually offsets on entering/leaving ...) closed by Scott González
duplicate: Duplicate of #11086.
3:37 PM Ticket #9353 (Sortable: Connected Vertical and Horizontal Sortables) closed by Scott González
fixed: Fixed in …
3:31 PM Ticket #7904 (Sortable: Cursor is not reset after sorting in IE9) closed by Scott González
wontfix: We no longer support IE9.
3:31 PM Ticket #5197 (Sortable: using a large or complex placeholder in IE8 causes drag to ...) closed by Scott González
wontfix: We no longer support IE8.
3:30 PM Ticket #5048 (Sortable: Dragging SWFs causes the SWFs to be re-created) closed by Scott González
patcheswelcome: I'm going to close this since I have a feeling people aren't sorting …

Apr 15, 2017:

8:42 AM Ticket #15164 (controlgroup bug in dialog) created by AlgirdasR
When controlgroup is in a dialog, it is given an incorrect …

Apr 12, 2017:

12:38 PM Ticket #9371 (Slider should change the mouse cursor, by a mouse hovering action.) closed by Scott González
fixed: In c6e2b52: […]
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